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Lifelike Feral Tag - General Doubts Thread.
Posted by Fletch
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Cute tags need cute names!
Posted by Wingbeat
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"character (species)" tags should imply that species
Posted by Zuthal
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Tag idea for anthros
Posted by LightningBolt
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artist:anonymous and/or anonymous artist
Posted by Anonymous #807F
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Shipping tags, should we have them?
Posted by LightningBolt
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R63 tags need r63 names!
Posted by Radomila Radon
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Species supertags
Posted by LightningBolt
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[NSFW] flat chested female with penis?
Posted by corposim
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"outside" should be aliased to "outdoors"
Posted by Anonymous #2554
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Swimware tags
Posted by Joey
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Safe, Suggestive errors
Posted by Joey
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Coat & Fur Markings
Posted by Moon Flower
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[NSFW] Please make the tags consistent from the start!
Posted by CruFox
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Anthro on Feral should NOT be an alias of Feral on Anthro
Posted by LightningBolt
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[NSFW] Body part sizes tags
Posted by CruFox
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Name for the bottom side of bird feet?
Posted by CruFox
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Posted by Gyro
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Chimera Species Composite tags
Posted by Gyro
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Dragon should not imply reptile
Posted by Gyro
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Sergals and other anthro form original species.
Posted by Gyro
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[Explicit warning] X-ray and Internal
Posted by Moon Flower
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[NSFW] Grinding definition and connected tags (with visual examples)
Posted by CruFox
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OC tag problems
Posted by Anonymous #B060
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"not furry" content
Posted by Anonymous #8924
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