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Report site bugs here
Posted by Teaspoon
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Furbooru Badges General!
Posted by Fletch
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Feature suggestions and discussion
Posted by Teaspoon
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So you wanna upload 300 images?
Posted by SynthRavu
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Markdown Migration
Posted by Luna
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[Guide] How to filter unwanted content? Creating custom filters
Posted by CruFox
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[Guide] How to find the best available quality of images you want to upload to Furbooru?
Posted by CruFox
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Is it possible to appeal a rejected merge request?
Posted by Bubbelvatten
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Human uploads
Posted by Anonymous #68A1
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A new (and more complete) Tag Guidelines
Posted by Anonymous #5855
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Expand the Forums
Posted by QueenCeles
AI assisted artwork allowed?
Posted by sangie
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Maube I should Take time away
Posted by LP2Lily
What to do with person who ruins links and behaving weird?
Posted by Shido-Tara
Question/Assistance Needed for DNP
Posted by Kaifloof
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Posted by Luna
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Foxy Social - A Mastodon instance for furries!
Posted by Luna
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April Fools
Posted by Luna
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Deleted marge simpson upload
Posted by Anonymous #2FAE
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Semi-Grimdark phased out - Restructure on rating tags.
Posted by Fletch
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Requesting Data Dump Thingy
Posted by LemonDrop
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What is allowed
Posted by SupaSqueegee
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Tag Aliases for Artist Names?
Posted by Anonymous #8778
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Furbooru & Even Worse Kobold Partership! Official Announcement!
Posted by Fletch
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Why are there so few comments on images on this site?
Posted by Nightweaver20xx
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