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Size: 714x699 | Tagged: safe, sapphie (jewelpet), canine, cavalier king charles spaniel, dog, mammal, spaniel, semi-anthro, jewelpet (sanrio), sanrio, ears, garland, tail
Anonymous #83BF
Sapphire is a Female Caviler Charles King spaniel 🐶 She’s had Polka Pinks Has a Beautiful Planet 🌍 sapphire uses Barlulula Sara and Sapphy and Ruby Labra uses Rangula She’s says “Tinky Tinky Labradoodle”
Sapphire wears a Musical Note attached on His Neck
Size: 612x1200 | Tagged: safe, artist:mrlemur_arts, oc, lemur, mammal, ring-tailed lemur, anthro, anxious, cell phone, comic, female, phone, phone call, solo, solo female, tail

Meow :3
As a disabled person, I appreciate this piece. I don’t struggle with phone calls much, but this is exactly what it’s like to only be able to get a small thing done for the day, which is how the vast majority of my days go

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