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Size: 2120x1895 | Tagged: safe, artist:rainbow eevee, chase (paw patrol), skye (paw patrol), canine, cockapoo, dog, german shepherd, mammal, feral, nickelodeon, paw patrol, awww, black nose, collar, cute, duo, eyelashes, female, grin, happy, looking at something, male, male/female, shipping, skyechase (paw patrol), smiling
悲观的马迷Gloomy Brony
Artist -

Gloomy Brony
I memorized the whole textbook in order to release my anger:
”It is normal for adolescent students to respond, appreciate and yearn for the opposite sex, and germinate some hazy feelings towards the opposite sex in the process of communicating with the opposite sex”(But they haven’t reached puberty yet!)
”Appreciation and yearning for the opposite sex is not true love”
”Love is a noble emotion. Love means appreciation and respect. It also requires responsibility and ability. In the face of the hazy emotions that may appear in life, we should treat them carefully and deal with them rationally”
”Love needs the ability to love others. This ability includes self maturity, moral perfection and responsibility for the family”
”Love requires in-depth understanding of each other, a certain material foundation and a common life ideal. It is a strong, stable and single-minded emotion”
”True love includes respecting responsibility, cherishing equality and self-discipline”
From the textbook of morality and rule of law, Published by people’s Education Press,Seventh grade volume II
(Gasping in horror)

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