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Do not PM staff members with your reports. Instead, if you think something breaks the rules, use the "Report" button, which is included next to all user-created content on the site. This will ensure swift handling of your issue, since most staff members don't check their PMs nearly as vigilantly as the reports queue.

Staff PMs are only for general questions or for getting help with using the site.

Before contacting any of the staff members, you should try to ask your question in our Discord or IRC channels.

Keep in mind that all staff are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and effort into making sure this site remains organized and operational. Please do not harass them, and try to keep your PMs constructive. We will happily answer your questions, however receiving plenty of PMs for no reason gets tiring and impacts our ability to tend to more important matters, so please make sure you actually have a need to contact a staff member before doing so.


High-level staff of the site, typically handling larger-scope tasks, such as technical operation of the site or writing rules and policies.

Welcome to Furbooru! I'm Fleety~ I supervise the moderation of the site.

I am the technical operator of the site, ask me if you have tech-related questions about the site. Create a GitHub issue if you wish to report a bug.

Technical Team

Developers and system administrators of the site, people who make sure the site keeps running.


I'm David, and I do frontend development for the site as my time allows. You must be truly desperate if you come to me for help.

I help maintain the site's servers and do some tech support stuff.


The main moderation force of the site, handling a wide range of tasks from maintaining tags to making sure the rules are followed.

I'm a volunteer who loves helping artists get their tags set up as they would like. I also can help with other stuff, so if you have any questions about the site or your tag please send me a PM and I'll try to help.

I'm a mod. Feel free to ask me about tag related issues.

I often deal with tags, mostly tag editing and implications, but I can help anywhere as needed :)

I specialize mainly in tags, feel free to ask me any tagging questions, no need to be shy!

Helps out here and there with site moderation. PM me if you need help.

Helps out here and there with site moderation. PM me if you need help, although response time may vary!

Has anyone ever actually met anyone from Luxemburg? Wake up, people.


Volunteers who help us run the site by taking simpler tasks off the hands of administrators and moderators.

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Furbooru assistant. I can help with tag categories (colors), descriptions, implications, and duplicate reports.

Just a helpful tsuchinoko who performs tasks here and there for the staff. PM if you need help. Tengo poder... ¡Poder Politico!