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Why Tags Matter

Furbooru has a lot of different types of content and almost any type of artwork and most types of meta content are allowed, thus, the use of filters to only see that which you want to is essential. Tags are a necessity for filtering to work, and rating tags are the most important because they capture large categorical distinctions of content type.

Important Tags

These are the most important tags, which you should start out with before considering others.

The rating tags

These special tags group content into broad categories. Images require at least one, and non-safe images can have one of each non-safe type (sexual, dark, and gross).
Note that images only reach a higher rating once they have something in that rating.

The safe rating (cannot be with any other ratings)

  • safe

    Clean, 'Safe For Work' imagery.

    • Sexual references presented in a heavily stylized or implicit manner (e.g. a crudely drawn penis on a wall, two stick figures without visible genitals in an otherwise sexual pose, "x" in place of an anus, etc)
    • Sheaths and balls, as long as they are...
      • Not detailed (e.g. covered in fur)
      • An anatomical detail that just happens to be visible on an otherwise safe themed picture
    • Featureless nudity (e.g. breasts without nipples / covered in fur, featureless crotch, non-detailed bulges)

The decency / sexual ratings (one per image)

  • suggestive

    Sexual implications or appearances of limited nudity ('saucy' imagery), as well as sexually-implicit acts that don't go all the way to questionable, and references to kink material.

    • Nudity without genitals being exposed (e.g. exposed breasts, breasts with nipples, etc)
    • Outlines of genitals visible through clothing (cameltoes, detailed bulges, anus 'cameltoes')
    • Visible detailed sheaths or balls
    • Obvious sexual references (presence of words like 'penis', 'blowjob', etc) and descriptions of sexual acts
    • Characters presented in a 'saucy' manner (e.g. sexy lingerie, pose with obvious sexual implications, etc)
    • Characters performing sexually-implicit gestures (e.g. fake blowjob expression, jerk-off hand, etc)
    • Sexually-implicit acts with everyday objects (e.g. jerking off / sucking a banana, using a donut to represent an anus, etc)
    • Very sloppy kissing (e.g. saliva everywhere)
    • References to, or presence of kink material (such as BDSM gear not being in use, kink-implying gestures, etc)

  • questionable

    Artistic nudity, sexual scenarios that aren't quite sex, as well as kinks that don't go all the way to explicit.

    • Visible genitals (vulva, penis, detailed anus, etc) that do not show visible sexual arousal, or show arousal on images depicting a single character, as long as there is no contact with them
    • Morbid obesity
    • Characters with visible nude features (such as exposed breasts, detailed bulges, sheaths, etc) presented in sexy poses
    • Presence, but not use, of objects similar to genitals in their appearance (such as sex toys)
    • Questionable kinks

  • explicit

    Reproductive fluids and outright sex

    • Stimulation of the genitals or anus where the stimulus is visible, or which causes characters to express pleasure, including:
      • Penetration, such as sexual intercourse (including tentacles)
      • Rubbing, such as tribadism, or simple masturbation
      • Insertion, such as dildos and buttplugs
    • Genitals (vulva, penis, detailed anus, etc) emitting sexual fluids (precum, cum, vaginal secretions), or displaying sexual arousal on images with multiple characters.
    • Sexual fluids and secretions
    • Detailed sexual acts with objects clearly intended for use in sexual acts

Sexual ratings are a complicated subject that can't be easily generalized in a way that covers all possible cases. In case you are unsure about which rating to give to an image, give it a higher rating just to be safe, and contact a staff member to let them evaluate the image and pick the correct rating tag.

Other important rating tags

  • grimdark

    Dark to the point of nightmares/PTSD.

    • Imminent death, like a gun pressed to the head or visible vore digestion
    • Insanity with clear murderous intent and potential, such as characters covered in blood and alike
    • Dying violently/painfully not in a comedic/cartoonish manner
    • Sexual coercion (e.g. rape), unwanted sexual activity that happens when you are pressured, tricked, threatened, or forced in a nonphysical way
    • Traumatic physical/sexual abuse, such as rape or torture
    • Candy Gore

  • grotesque


    • Body horror
    • Gore
    • Extreme filth
    • Detailed solid or semi-solid bodily waste, such as poop or vomit

Franchise and content tags

not furry

The "not furry" tag is for images that do not directly contain furry content. This tag must be placed on all images that feature:

  • Non-furry images in furry settings/series, like a page of a comic about furry character and a human that only shows the human.
  • Non-furry anthropomorphic content, such as robots, sapient objects, or most types of aliens.
  • Furry adjacent/derived content, such as humanizations of furry characters or non-furry representations.

Franchise tags

You should tag franchises, and characters from said franchises if you are uploading fan art containing any franchise-related content. In general, there are character tags, and franchise (commonly referred to as "fandom") tags.

For instance, let's say you want to upload an image containing "Twilight Sparkle" from "My Little Pony" franchise. If you are used to Derpibooru's tagging, you might wish to notice that

twilight sparklewould become twilight sparkle (mlp)

Additionally, you are required to tag the franchise itself, namely my little pony, however most character tags would imply their respective franchises, so most of the time you only need to worry about the correct character tags.

But what if there is no tag for the character in my upload?

If this is the case, simply tag your upload following our tagging standard. Afterwards, you might wish to head to this topic in the Tagging Discussion forum and explain which character tag you wish that we set up.

Other important tags

You will likely be banned for repeatedly not tagging these, as with ratings.

  • artist:artist name here — specifies the work's artist
  • artist needed — when the artist is unknown
  • intersex female — also known as "futa", a female, but with a penis;
  • intersex male — a male, but with a vagina;
  • meta — stuff about stuff
  • seizure warning — rapid animations that could potentially cause seizures
  • text — when the main point is in text

Orientation Tags

These tags apply for any sexual or romantic acts as well as relationships, and no two are mutually exclusive. Note that female by default does not include futa.
You likely won't be banned for forgetting these tags, but they are still important.

  • bisexual — a character involved with characters of varying genders simultaneously
  • male/male
  • female/intersex female — a female involed with an intersex female
  • intersex female/intersex female — an intersex female involved with another intersex female
  • male/intersex female — a male involved with an intersex female
  • female/female
  • male/female

Common tags

These are generally expected on upload, but are less important.

  • anthro — non-humans with partial human body shapes not normal for their species
  • feral — non-human characters with animal bodies that are generally normal to their species
  • Character tags (e.g. isabelle (animal crossing)) — when the character is present in the image
  • crossover — when elements from multiple media universes are combined with each other
  • humanized — when a non-human character has been turned into a human
  • shipping — characters are in a romantic or sexual relationship
  • solo — when there is only one character in the image
  • oc — when any character in the image is an original character (fan-made)
  • machine learning generated — for when images generated through artificial intelligence software.