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Looking for ERP partners [NSFW]
Posted by Jinx
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Looking for RP partners thread [SFW]
Posted by Jinx
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A Rising Resistance and a Falling Empire
Posted by NyantaStarhunt
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Suggestions and bullshitting thread, venting, etc. [NSFW]
Posted by Jinx
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War on Empyria [NSFW, Anthro, all species allowed.]
Posted by Cerebrate
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The Niraya Complex [NSFW, GORE]
Posted by Jinx
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the veil to the past, or the mirror of the present? modern/fantasy nsfw
Posted by Cerebrate
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The Memory Immersion Den(NSFW)
Posted by Coltshan000
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Before The Fall
Posted by Jinx
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Posted by Jinx
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Story writing thread [NSFW/SFW]
Posted by Jinx
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Posted by Jinx
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Cryptids and creepies, we handle that. [Helsing-ish tech, probably gore, likely sexual themes]
Posted by Cerebrate
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The Immortal Cycle(NSFW/Violence/Fantasy)
Posted by Coltshan000
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The Star-Ripper Squadron(Grimdark NSFW)
Posted by Pizzamovies
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RP General Thread! (NSFW/Smut version)
Posted by GenericArchangel
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Reptile nsfw?
Posted by Catdork
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Azure Resort (NSFW, Sex)
Posted by FoxMcCloud97
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Eddsworld! Eddsworld RP [NSFW/SFW]
Posted by FreshMints
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Frontiers and Pioneers (sci-fi, NSFW(violence,possible teases), robots)
Posted by Cerebrate
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DreamSMP (what will happen?), (things that don’t make sense in the dreamsmp lore etc.)
Posted by FreshMints
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Entr'acte (Sidebar, closed cast, NSFW)
Posted by Coriolanus
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Armello: fate of Kings and Heroes [NSFW,violence]
Posted by Cerebrate
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Prop Shed [NSFW] [Char Sheets, Bestiaries, World-Building, Music/Ambient, etc]
Posted by Coriolanus
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Task Force Anvil (NSFW)
Posted by FoxMcCloud97
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