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Size: 92x86 | Tagged: artist needed, source needed, safe, twilight sparkle (mlp), alicorn, crystal pony, equine, fictional species, mammal, pony, feral, friendship is magic, hasbro, my little pony, animated, crystal, female, gif, hair, mare, pixel animation, pixel art, simple background, solo, solo female, tail, transparent background
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Thanks for responding. For the record, I don’t have a problem with the art, but I am not interested in it here on Furbooru.
I tested your suggestion by searching for NOT (artist:*), but that would hide nearly 1000 images that have no Artist tag — some of which I’ve favorited — so that is not a good solution for me.
If nothing else, the images should be tagged as “pixel art” and “gif”.
Size: 871x759 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:jabbersart, beans (rango), oc, oc:jonathan (rango), anthro, rango (film), ambiguous penetration, big breasts, breasts, dinner, duo, eyes closed, female, male, nipples, nudity, open mouth, orgasm face, penetration, sex, table
Anonymous #242B
[Story] A Visit from the Bank
Jonathan/Beans (Rango) first time story~
Writer remaining anon
*I used a reference for the background/table/chair
“Miss Beans? Are you there?”
Jonathan knocked on the door of the blue ranch house again, then looked around to see the retreating dust cloud of the cart that had brought him there from Dust. Perhaps he should have asked the driver to stay and wait for a few minutes…but then he’d have been charged for that, and what if Beans hadn’t answered the door straight away and he’d had to decide whether to stay or go? Perhaps it was for the best that he only had one option left…
“Miss Beans? It’s Jonathan. From the bank.”
He waited again. His long tail started instinctively twitching, and he equally instinctively snatched up the tip of it and wrung it awkwardly in his hands in what he was embarrassingly aware was a characteristic response. He may have been the son of a farming family, but Jonathan wondered whether he’d ever feel properly at home in this eccentric little town, with its eccentric little sheriff. He sighed and raised his hand to knock again when he finally heard the sound of footsteps hurrying down the hallway towards the front door. They paused for a brief, busy moment of silence as if someone was pausing to collect themselves, and then the door opened.
“Why, hello there, Jonathan! It’s good of you to come!” Beans smiled.
Jonathan smiled shyly. “W-well, you did invite me for lunch, Miss Beans.”
“So I did. I wasn’t sure if you could make it all the way out here.” Beans cocked her head. “You got something wrong with your tail there?”
Jonathan looked down and dropped his tail as if it were red-hot. He laughed nervously. “No, no, I was just…” He took off his hat and twisted it in his hands instead. “No.”
“Well, good. Wouldn’t want there to be something the matter with you.” Beans smiled. “Come on in.”
“Thank you, ma’am.” Jonathan smiled and stepped awkwardly past her as she held the door open for him. As he passed her, he noticed two things - a strong scent which he didn’t immediately recognise, and that the dress she was wearing was rather low-cut, barely hanging on to her shoulders.
“Just hang your hat up right there, and you can leave your boots underneath it,” Beans said, apparently oblivious.
“Yes, ma’am.” Jonathan complied, looking up at her as he struggled out of his boots. “S-so what was it you wanted to talk about? Because if you have any financial questions then I’m really not the person to speak to. I’m just the junior teller. You should really be speaking to Mr Hardacre.”
“No, it’s nothing like that.” Beans smiled, leading him down the hallway. “I just wanted to be neighbourly…and to talk to you about something.”
“What’s that? Because you could have come and seen me at the bank. Not that I mind being out here, it’s just that I’ve had to ask Mr Hardacre for an extended lunch break.” Jonathan added hastily.
“Well, then, I guess I’d better get straight to the point.” Beans turned around as they entered the kitchen, where the little table was set and two plates of fresh yellow creosote were laid out. “Jonathan…what do you think of me?”
“Of you?” Jonathan’s eyes flew wide and he fought down an urge to grab for his flicking tail again. “I, uh, well, you’re obviously a valued customer at the bank…and you’re a good person as I see you about town…and obviously the sheriff really likes you, I mean, who wouldn’t?”
“Who wouldn’t?” Beans smiled.
Jonathan froze up briefly as he realised what he’d said. “Y-yes, I-I…yes, well, who wouldn’t?”
“Yes, you said that.” Beans put her head to one side. “So…do you?”
“Do I…what, ma’am?”
“Do you…like me?” Beans raised her eyebrows, a smile playing on her lips. “I’ve seen the way you look at me, Jonathan. When I’m at the bank and you always make sure you’re the teller who serves me. When you see me in the street.”
Jonathan bit his lip. “I…well, I mean…”
“It’s okay to have feelins, you know.” Beans’ smile softened. “It’s okay. We feel what we feel. It ain’t wrong.”
“But…you’re with the sheriff!” Jonathan protested. “You’re married to him. I can’t…I mean…what if he takes offence?”
“Don’t worry none about Rango,” Beans touched his hand. “He knows. And he understands. Better than I think you do.”
“He knows?” Jonathan’s eyes widened.
Beans nodded. “It ain’t hard to tell. But like I said, don’t worry. Rango thinks real highly of you. Real highly. So you can be honest.”
“Well…” Jonathan grinned shyly, hardly daring to meet her eyes. “Then…yes, ma’am. I like you. A lot.”
Beans grinned back, a sense of relief filling her. “I like you a lot too, Jonathan.”
Jonathan sighed happily. “Well…it sure feels good to get that off my chest. I don’t much like keeping secrets.”
“Me neither.” Beans smiled. “So. What do we do now?”
“Well…nothing, I guess.” Jonathan shrugged and scratched his head. “I mean…you’re the sheriff’s gal. I just hope this doesn’t make it awkward for us.”
“What if I said that…you could have me too?” Beans stepped closer, her smile enigmatic.
Jonathan blinked. “Excuse me, ma’am?”
“I told you it was okay. I spoke with Rango about it. And he said that if we wanted…we could. The three of us.” Beans cocked her head.
“Three? But…” Jonathan licked his lips nervously. “That…isn’t Godly, ma’am… is it?”
Beans smiled. She’d expected his objection, but that ending made her hopeful that he could be coaxed out of his hesitation. “I don’t know much about that…but the way I was always raised was that God loves us, and wants us to love each other, right?”
“Yes, that’s true…”
“So what’s wrong with this?” Beans stepped forward again. “It’s just love, ain’t it?”
“I…I suppose it is…” Jonathan’s shoulder blades were almost digging into the wall behind him. Retreat was no longer an option and he found himself confronted with her, and that indefinable scent again. It seemed to hotwire unfamiliar parts of his brain and made his hands twitch.
Beans smiled encouragingly. “So it’s all right, then, isn’t it?”
“I…suppose it is…” Jonathan dared to meet her eyes.
“Good.” Beans stepped closer again. “Because…I want this, Jonathan. I want you.”
Jonathan sighed as her lips closed softly on his, a chaste little kiss at first, but still enough for his head to fall back until stopped by the wall. Beans moved in, deepening the kiss, raising her hand to caress his cheek.
“Do you want this too?” she whispered. “Do you want me?”
Jonathan, already a little breathless, met her eyes and nodded. “Yes…Miss Beans, I do.”
“Then have me. Let me be yours.” Beans kissed him fiercely until he moaned, then moved her lips along the scaly line of his jaw. Jonathan’s head rolled back helplessly as he shivered under her affections, his hands automatically rising to her hips to slide around to the small of her back. Beans, taking it as encouragement, pressed closer, her body against his, filling his nose with her scent.
“Wh…what is that smell?” he finally asked.
Beans chuckled, her lips starting to play over his neck. “That’s me, silly. Did your mom and dad never tell you about females and our times?”
“Only that there were times when the Devil’s temptations were stronger than usual,” Jonathan admitted.
Beans giggled. “Ain’t nothin’ devilish about it. It’s just natural. Although…I reckon I can be a bit devilish…if you wanted me to be?”
Jonathan bit his lip. “What do you mean, Miss Beans?”
“I think you can just call me ‘Beans’ now, don’t you?” Beans smiled sweetly and went back to kissing his neck. Jonathan whimpered as her slender fingers began unbuttoning the front of his vest, laying it open and pulling the cravat from around his neck.
“Miss…I mean, Beans…I’ve never…”
“Shh. I know. Just trust me.” Beans kissed him tenderly, starting to undo his shirt. “Let me show you.”
“Show me…what?” Jonathan’s question was silenced by another kiss, and he shivered as Beans’ hands slid into his shirt, stroking his bare scales. She explored his upper body as she kissed him, enjoying the smoothness of his slim body, then pulling his shirt from his waistband to begin undoing the lower buttons. They popped open one by one and Beans smiled at Jonathan as she slid the white cotton from his shoulders. He blushed, breathing hard, hands clutching the fabric of her dress at the small of her back.
“Beans, I…”
“No need to be embarrassed. You’re beautiful, Jonathan.” She caressed his cheek. “And here…so you don’t feel alone…”
Jonathan watched, wide-eyed, as she slid her dress off her shoulders and peeled it down to her waist, baring her petite, shapely breasts. Their brown nipples were visibly peaked with passion and he stared at them in amazement.
“Touch them.” Beans whispered. “Go on.”
Before he could reply, she took his wrists and guided his hands from the small of her back to her chest, placing his palms on the soft, resilient mounds of her breasts. He gave them a gentle squeeze, testing the feel of them. Beans sighed approvingly.
“Is…like this?” he looked up at her face anxiously.
“Like that.” She let him increase the pressure slightly, leaning forward to press her breasts into his hands with a grin. “See? It ain’t so hard.”
“No…I guess it isn’t.” Jonathan smiled shyly. Beans smiled back and kissed him again, lowering her head to begin running her lips down the middle of his chest and stomach. His hands losing her breasts, Jonathan looked down as she slowly undid his belt and began drawing down his trousers. His underwear soon followed and he blushed hotly as his manhood was exposed, very much on display as it sprang free of his waistband. Beans caught her breath at the sight and grinned.
“Well, well…and you say you don’t like keeping secrets…”
“I, um…” Jonathan jumped a little as she took hold of him, one hand wrapping around each of his shafts, stroking them to full size and hardness. He shuddered and moaned, bracing his back against the wall, his legs moving slightly apart. Beans leaned forward to place a kiss on each of his tips, then took more of him into her mouth, gradually working her way up his lengths one after the other.
“Oh…Beans…” Jonathan’s breath was almost coming in pants as his heart and mind raced. He’d accepted an invitation to lunch, and now here he was, naked and with the woman of his dreams topless and practically worshipping his twin erections. She kissed, licked and nuzzled him warmly, lovingly, learning and becoming accustomed to his shapes and taste. There was something right about it, she felt. Of course she adored Rango, but this was something different - a member of her own species. He tasted perfect to her, the curves and ridges of his manhood perfectly evolved to fit her body.
“You’re so fine, Jonathan,” she breathed. “God, how I’ve wanted this…”
She explored them slowly, taking her time. Her hand wrapped around and stroking whichever shaft she didn’t have in her mouth, her free hand cupping her own breast and pinching the nipple before she brought it up between his legs. He jumped and whined urgently.
“B-Beans, I…I feel…something…don’t stop, please…” He shuddered.
“You like this?” she grinned, stroking him firmly.
“God, yes…very much…so much…I feel…I…oh, Beans!”
Jonathan convulsed as a sudden release hit him. Beans gasped as he erupted in her hands, warm fluids splashing across her snout and breasts. Surprised as she was, she didn’t break off or interrupt her rhythm, and kept working him until he subsided. Jonathan slumped back against the wall, panting hard.
“Looks like you were on a bit of a hair trigger there,” Beans grinned. “Guess you never had a girl do that for you before?”
“N-no, ma’am,” Jonathan shook his head. He was gazing down at her with such lovestruck awe that Beans couldn’t help blushing.
“Well. You’re going to have to get used to it from now on.” She stood up and kissed him lightly.
“I don’t know that I ever could.” Jonathan smiled, but blushed at the sight of his seed on her face and chest. “Oh, Beans, I…um, sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it.” She grinned and kissed him again. “Let me just clean this up.”
She turned and went to the sink, turning the tap to let out some of the rainwater collected in the tank outside and dampening a cloth to wipe her scales down, humming happily to herself. She felt slender arms slide around her waist and she smiled as she felt Jonathan’s head on her shoulder.
“What’re you doing, silly?” she smiled.
“I just…want to be close to you.” Jonathan sighed happily, inhaling her scent as he embraced her.
Beans put the cloth back. “You can be a lot closer to me than that if you want.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well…if you ain’t never had a girl do that for you, I reckon you probably ain’t never done that for a girl…”
Jonathan blushed. “Um…you’d be right…”
“So what say we do something about that?” Beans turned in his arms, her own rising to cross around his neck as she smiled and kissed him. “You got to know how to please a girl too, you know.”
Jonathan closed his eyes and sank into the kiss as it deepened, his hands stroking down her bare back, his long fingers slipping into the bunched material around her waist. Beans grinned, moving her hips to guide them deeper.
“Guess I didn’t need to tell you to do that, hm?”
“No, ma’am.” Jonathan smiled, his heart racing as she helped him pull the bundled material down over her womanly hips. It piled around her feet as it hit the floor and Beans stepped out of it, as naked as he was, arms threading around him again to pull him into a kiss. His hands slid down the small of her back, around her tail and the smooth curve of her rump, making her giggle. “Easy there, tiger,” she smiled playfully.
“Sorry. I just…” Jonathan smiled back hopefully. “Want to touch all of you. Lordy, but you’re beautiful, Beans.”
Beans blushed at the innocent compliment in such an intimate setting. “Well, all of me’s yours to touch, Jonathan. But first, I wanna show you something.”
She sat back on the table, locked her eyes on his, and slowly raised and spread her legs. Jonathan’s heart leapt and his breath caught at the glistening sight between them, and Beans felt her blush deepen at his amazement.
“Kiss me,” she whispered, her hand sliding over her own crotch. “Here, Jonathan. Please.”
“I…yes…of course.” Jonathan stepped forward, kneeling between her legs, his hands stroking up her thighs before he leaned forward and placed the lightest of kisses on her wet folds. She gasped a little at what felt like a gentle jolt of electricity, and lowered her hand to slip her fingers into his messy brown hair. Jonathan sighed, looking up at her with those big golden eyes that made her heart ache for him, then gave a muffled moan of surprise as she took a gentle grip and pulled his snout against her sex.
“You can use your tongue,” she breathed. “Just go where I show you.”
Jonathan nodded, opening his mouth to let his tongue slide over her folds. He sighed happily as her taste filled his mouth and then closed his eyes to focus on her, letting her guide his head as he lapped at her, running his tongue along her cleft, getting used to the feeling and shape of her.
“G-God…you’re pretty good at this for a learner…” Beans gasped approvingly.
Jonathan blushed, licking his lips. “I, uh, guess I got a good teacher?”
Beans gave a soft laugh. “Just keep doing what you’re doing, darling.”
“Whatever you say.” Jonathan looked up at her, eyes wide and soft with love. Beans adored being the centre of his world like this, as he wrapped his hands around her thighs and settled closer to her, his mouth pressed against her folds, his tongue licking her up and down. Through trial and error, guided by her hand in his hair, he gradually found the place she liked the most. Her head rolled back and she moaned his name in a way that made him shiver.
“Oh, Jonathan…yes…”
She raised a hand to cup her breast again, humming with delight. He was inexpert but clearly enthusiastic just like she’d hoped, seemingly wanting to work hard to please her. Shamelessly, she raised and parted her legs further, her fingers knotting in his hair to control him. She crossed her ankles behind his shoulders, encircling his body to keep him where she needed him. He was lavishing attention on her centre, feeling how her body reacted as his tongue slid over her bud. His hands cupped her thighs to hold them apart, his breath starting to come in pants, the hot gusts washing over her sensitive parts like gentle caresses.
“Yes…oh, yes…”
The words escaped her lips involuntarily and made Jonathan look up expectantly. It was a good view – her lithe, scaly body, the soft valley between her rounded breasts and the distinct outlines of her nipples. There was a passionate flush to her face as well now and Jonathan couldn’t help feeling a bit pleased with himself as she convulsed with pleasure, making her nipples bounce in the cool air and her hand to briefly release him. For a moment it seemed as if she had stopped paying attention to him, but her corrective hand was back on his hair as soon as he shifted slightly and his tongue slid briefly off-target.
“S-sorry,” he mumbled, his voice muffled.
“Don’t be,” Beans whispered. “It’s all right. Keep going, please.”
He nodded and concentrated his attention back on her, gripping her thighs tighter and tipping her back a little to improve his access. Beans braced herself on the table, tossing back her hair and luxuriating in the feelings. His hands stroked her legs, fingertips running over the smooth scales. Beans bit her lip to stifle a moan and looked down.
He paused at once and looked up at her, lips glistening with her wetness. “Beans?”
She cupped his face in her hands and guided him to stand, pulling him towards her into a deep, fierce kiss that allowed her to taste herself in his mouth. As their lips and tongues danced together, Beans reached down his body and found what she was looking for - as she’d hoped, the keen young man was almost back to full hardness. She stroked him a couple of times to encourage him.
“I need you inside me,” she whispered urgently.
Jonathan blushed and nodded. She kissed him again, then got off the table and turned around to present her hindquarters to him. He let her guide one of his tips to her slick entrance, shivered as she rubbed him against herself, then moved his hips to push himself into her. Beans’ breath caught as she took him for the first time, her body moving instinctively to accommodate his length until they were fully joined, breathing hard, his head resting on her shoulder.
“Are…you all right?” she asked, stroking his cheek.
Jonathan nodded and nuzzled her. “Yes…oh, Beans, this feels so good…”
“You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Beans began moving her hips. Jonathan moaned helplessly.
“Oh, lordy…Beans…you…you’re right…”
He began moving his own hips, thrusting cautiously. Beans gave a little whimper of approval. Hearing the sound, Jonathan leaned over her, his hands stroking up her front to brace her.
“Is…this all right?”
“Very all right.” Beans sighed happily as he cupped her breasts. “Oh…very, very all right…”
She bit her lip and closed her eyes as he grew bolder in his movements. Once again, she was struck by how right this felt. Less skillful than Rango, of course, but fundamentally fulfilling in a different way. Her hand slid down her stomach to touch between her legs, working her bud as Jonathan moved inside her.
“Oh, Beans…” He shuddered and groaned as he felt her tighten around him. He clutched at her body and began thrusting faster. Her tail snaked around his legs, found his and wrapped around it in an intimate gesture. He leaned forward, pressing his chest to her back as he gritted his teeth.
“God, Jonathan!” Beans cried out as he pushed her forward. Her free hand shot out to brace herself on the tabletop even as the plates and glasses rattled and shifted. Her hand between her legs began working faster still, pushing herself closer and closer to the edge.
“Beans…Beans…” Jonathan’s breathing was hard and urgent. “I can feel…”
“I know. Me too.” Beans arched her back, feeling her breasts bounce in time with his thrusts. “Don’t stop, Jonathan. I need this…I need this so bad…”
He moaned and obeyed, his instincts taking over. He gripped her hips firmly, burying himself deeper, over and over, driven on by her sounds and his primal urges.
“Beans, I…I can’t…” Jonathan shuddered, feeling the now-familiar sensation rising in him. “Hold back…”
“Then don’t. Give it to me.” Beans worked herself harder, feeling herself almost reaching the point of no return. “Give me all of it.”
“I…oh, God!” Jonathan’s eyes snapped open as the uncharacteristic blasphemy escaped his lips. Beans felt his hands clutch at her scaled and his shaft swell within her as his climax broke. She felt him release deep inside her, felt a splash on her leg as his other shaft pulsed with pleasure, and then her own ecstasy took her, bursting out from under her busy fingers. She fell forward onto her elbow, sending a plate scattering to the floor and crying out wordlessly, her tail clasping around his as tight as it could go.
“Oh…Jonathan…yes…” Beans panted as she regained control, sprawled across the table. Jonathan, perched above her, half his manhood still inside her, was physically shaking.
“Beans, I…” he whispered. “I love you.”
Beans smiled, feeling her heart skip at his words. “I love you too, Jonathan. You all right up there.”
“Yes…yes, I’m fine.” He let himself slip out of her, then bent over and kissed her bare shoulders. “That was…incredible.”
Beans chuckled and stood up, turning to face the younger iguana and kiss him tenderly even as she felt herself dripping with his seed. “I’m glad it was for you too.”
Jonathan smiled as their arms encircled each other. “So…I was okay?”
“Better than okay.” Beans kissed him again. “And next time’ll be better still.”
“Next time?” Jonathan looked so hopeful that Beans laughed aloud and flicked his snout.
“Of course next time, silly. I told you…I’m yours now.”
“Right, but…also still the sheriff’s, right?”
Jonathan scratched his head. “This’ll take me some getting used to, I reckon.”
Beans nodded kindly. “I know. Take your time.”
Jonathan looked down, finally taking in the disarray their lovemaking had inflicted on the table. “Oh, goodness…I’d better help you with this, too…”
“Thank you kindly.” Beans gave him a peck on the cheek. “Just let me freshen up a bit and I’ll be right with you.”
“Oh, yes. Of course.” Jonathan let her go. He watched her as she walked naked to the sink, glancing back at him and perhaps swishing her hindquarters and tail a little more than was strictly necessary just to make him blush as he went to pull on his discarded trousers.
“I can give you a ride back into town after,” Beans said over her shoulder as she wiped between her legs.
“Much obliged, thank you.” Jonathan tucked in his shirt.
“It’s not a problem.” Beans picked up her dress and went to kiss him sweetly, leaning over the bundle in her arms. “Besides, I think we gotta go see the sheriff to tell him…”
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Size: 1120x1280 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:whisperfoot, porsche crystal (sing), bobcat, canine, feline, lynx, mammal, wolf, anthro, illumination entertainment, sing (film), 2021, anthro/anthro, big breasts, big butt, black nose, blue body, blue fur, blushing, bottomless, breast grab, breasts, butt, clothes, dialogue, duo, duo female, ear fluff, female, female/female, females only, fluff, fur, glasses, green eyes, heart, hoodie, lidded eyes, love heart, multicolored fur, nooshy (sing), nose piercing, nose ring, nudity, panties, partial nudity, piercing, red eyes, saliva, saliva trail, shoulder fluff, sloppy kissing, speech bubble, sunglasses, sunglasses on head, tail, tail fluff, talking, thick thighs, thighs, tongue, tongue out, topless, topwear, underwear, white body, white fur
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Nihil Interit
Porsche from Sing 2 has been trending for furry community
I honestly wasn’t even aware they were making a second movie until pictures of her started appearing in some of the places I frequent.
I’d say she’s aptly named too, considering how many people seem to want to take her for a test drive.
Size: 2481x3509 | Tagged: safe, artist:albatroswar, skye (paw patrol), canine, cocker spaniel, dog, mammal, poodle, anthro, nickelodeon, paw patrol, bedroom eyes, big breasts, black nose, breasts, clothes, digital art, ears, eyelashes, female, fur, high res, huge breasts, side view, sideboob, simple background, solo, solo female, suit, tail, tail wag, thighs
Anonymous #A79C
i was testing this to see if i can post anonymous.. ignore that comment below. random keys was mashed.. see? dfhguksfhgbuoidguhiksdb
Size: 1025x397 | Tagged: artist needed, dead source, safe, animal humanoid, canine, fictional species, human, mammal, werewolf, wolf, anthro, feral, humanoid, ambiguous gender, meme, shape of consent, silhouette, simple background, white background
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I love when puritanical discourse seeps in to things. Like, I get it, fucking animals is bad, but the Harkness Test doesn’t even originate in furries.
Also, “it is immoral to have sex with people with spinal issues” is one hell of a take. It’s like how don’t draw pedophilia (a good take) inevitably turns into “women must be at least 5’5” and have at minimum D-cups in order for it to not be pedophilia”

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