Dont forget to check your shape of consent!
this is the absolute worst post ive ever seen in my life
artist needed1560 dead source1579 safe93813 animal humanoid1981 canine47822 fictional species88867 human9580 mammal145792 werewolf748 wolf9981 anthro123296 feral47367 humanoid6918 ambiguous gender13213 meme1089 shape of consent10 silhouette203 simple background40671 white background14653


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I love when puritanical discourse seeps in to things. Like, I get it, fucking animals is bad, but the Harkness Test doesn’t even originate in furries.
Also, “it is immoral to have sex with people with spinal issues” is one hell of a take. It’s like how don’t draw pedophilia (a good take) inevitably turns into “women must be at least 5’5” and have at minimum D-cups in order for it to not be pedophilia”