She knew!
A dumb quick image I wanted to doodle of the Loimu and Audrey back and forth images! I just love anatomical quirks and flaws!
suggestive28904 artist:lizet307 oc64581 oc only41958 oc:audrey (lizet)88 oc:loimu122 cervid3873 deer3632 kangaroo739 mammal145778 marsupial2432 anthro123285 202215554 bottomless3520 breasts72398 cell phone1671 cleavage6227 clothes70249 coffee471 coffee cup114 dialogue10779 digital art47216 donut204 drink2564 duo32985 duo female6290 ear piercing6160 ears38985 eyes closed11557 female127061 females only7393 food5541 fur62520 grayscale3404 industrial piercing184 monochrome9409 nudity71494 open mouth35249 paralyzed7 partial nudity8316 phone1986 piercing8856 pouch134 shirt10145 smartphone1349 speech bubble6943 sports bra905 standing4908 tail84594 talking12492 text12427 tongue28181 topwear20507


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