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Filter change
Posted by Erhannis
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Tagging an OC when the artist has drawn them under 2 different aliases for content reasons
Posted by Anonymous #8BE2
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Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss demons and the not furry tag
Posted by ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
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Aliased Tags Being Implied.
Posted by Hoffun Way
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Multiple Nipples Aliases
Posted by Mildgyth
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Invalid tag question/issues
Posted by Havok_Pony
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[NSFW] Extensive tagging guide
Posted by CruFox
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Meta tag category.
Posted by Dr Outback
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How do you handle tags which are in themselves spoilers?
Posted by WesternAtamipek
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'Commercials' versus 'Advertisements'
Posted by Ciaran
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Specific species tagging.
Posted by MysteriousW
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Rainbow Eevee's species?
Posted by Radomila Radon
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I don’t get it
Posted by Lil' Furry
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Alias "blitzo (helluva boss)" and "blitzo (vivzmind)"
Posted by Hoffun Way
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Can we tag different for actually feral animals?
Posted by Elly Catfox
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Posted by Anonymous #EF8E
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[PSA] Color tags shorthands
Posted by CruFox
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Are some two-legged dragons are ferals?
Posted by Radomila Radon
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Humanized vs. Humanoidized (Fixing the tags on each image)
Posted by Radomila Radon
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General Tag Discussion
Posted by LightningBolt
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What was the reason for changing the content rating system?
Posted by Oracuda
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Nsfw Happy Sex is an Alias for sex?
Posted by Elly Catfox
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Should "pseudowyverns" be categorised separately from "normal" wyverns?
Posted by Zuthal
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[NSFW] Scenery Porn?
Posted by sangie
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[NSFW] How to tag females without breasts - "flat chest" or "no breasts"?
Posted by CruFox
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