Tagging an OC when the artist has drawn them under 2 different aliases for content reasons

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I have been uploading images from an artist who has two separate accounts that they wish to keep separate (since one contains niche NSFW artwork). Part of rule 8 says that, in situations like this, Furbooru users should not “call [the artist] out or publicly highlight such a fact.”
However, the artist draws the same OC on both accounts, which creates a problem for tagging. If I follow the standard OC name (artist name) format, then I’d need to choose one of their usernames for the tag and use it for images from both accounts, which could count as “publicly highlighting” their existence. What do I do here?
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@Anonymous #8BE2
In a case like this, where it seems the purpose of two artist tags is to keep their galleries split between safe and naughty, I think it’s ok that people know both artist tags are the same person.
Just tag the safe with the safe, and the naughty with the naughty, and it should be ok. If the artist has a profile on the site, we can also ask them how they’d prefer it to be handled if they want something more bespoke.
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