How do you handle tags which are in themselves spoilers?


I’m wondering what’s the tagging policy in a situation like this:
In a certain series, there is a major character who is initially known as “X”. Near the end of the series, it turns out they’re an impostor. It is revealed their real name is “Y”, while the name “X” belongs to a different, distinct character.
Alright, so I upload an image to furbooru which depicts character Y. The image itself is innocuous; nothing about it is a spoiler. But then I tag the image as “Y”. So now even though the image isn’t a spoiler, the tag section is a spoiler! It reveals right away that there’s something off about this character’s identity.
What’s preferred to do in this situation?  
  • Add a “spoiler:” tag?  
  • Tag the character as “X” to avoid spoilers?  
  • Do nothing?
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Hello there!
You may use the universal Spoiler tag in junction to what’s their de facto character name.
There’s not much more required to do.
Best regards,
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