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I like tags
I created shorthand tags for colors of body, background, fur, feathers and scales. They are composed from 4 letters, the first two for color name and the last two for the thing that is in this color.


bk — black
bl — blue
br — brown
cr — cream
gn — green
gy — gray
mg — magenta
or — orange
pp — purple
pk — pink
rd — red
tl — teal
tn — tan
wh — white
yl — yellow

tt — two toned for body, fur and hair
mc — multicolored for body, fur and hair

Things that have that color:

bd — body
bg — background
fr — fur
ft — feathers
sc — scales

So for example instead of writing "yellow feathers" you can write "ylft" or instead of "orange fur" you can write "orfr" and because those tags are aliased they will be changed into the proper tag. Example: blsc
I hope this will save us all time :)

If somebody finds it useful I can make them for eye colors too. Just tell me which two letters should stand for "eyes".

EDIT: I did tags for eyes, I hope nothing is missing.
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