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Even Worse Kobold -

Hi there,
I’ve a problem here with a certain tagging domain, and I’d like a second opinion (outside of those who have already stated theirs).
I’ve a problem with a certain OC who is polluting tags they shouldn’t have. That creature, though its visuals on most of the arts and their actual look, just a slightly modified Rainbow Dash pony, and has no real connection to Eevees and such, outside of claiming to be such.
Take a look at Eevee images and spot the one outliar. One that doesn’t belong.
An Eevee is a very specific creature, a character almost. Tagging that oc as Eevee goes against what an Eevee actually is. Thus, it is my request to have that priviledge revoked and tag them only as “pokémon pony”, to indicate a possible hybrid of ponies and a pokemon, but not with Eevee or Eeveelutions who are pretty much a specific character.
There is something people expect to see when searching Eevee or Eeveelution, the pony OC is not one of them.
I rest my case.
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