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Now I imagine a future were this site becomes the most important furry website and everyone in here currently being called old veterans, hah.
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aka Hollowfox
It sucks being hated, you know that?
I don’t wanna suck it up to people who force me to change what I am or change my opinions just because they get easily offended over my so-called “overreactions”. And the worst part, people don’t give a shit about forgiveness, they still hold grudges and that’s sad.
And the only way to make people stop holding grudges and forgive me against me on Derpibooru is if I change my opinion and change what I am. How? By listening to what I am supposed to either resist or disagree.
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We’re getting a bad winter storm right now in Utah. I was going to go out get a steak dinner and a lot of booze. It seems mother nature had other plans for me.
I would’ve welcomed a storm like this a week ago for Christmas, not New Year’s; but it seems that nature doesn’t always keep up with manmade holidays.
Now I remember why I’m trying to move to either Las Vegas or Phoenix.
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