Stupid Stuff That Comes to Mind That We Want to Post

Poll results: Is baseball a fruit?

Why are you still reading these options?
22.50% 18 votes
20.00% 16 votes
No, but a tin can
17.50% 14 votes
16.25% 13 votes
What is love?
11.25% 9 votes
The Crusades were unjustified genocide
8.75% 7 votes
<<THat's what V2 is for.>>
3.75% 3 votes

Poll ends . 80 votes cast so far.


Meow ♡
I have three primaries. I am being used a vessel by them. And of course, consent is the #1 most important thing here in chaos cule, so are they people with which I would consent to such a thing?
Cactus was so about respecting my consent that he never did what Korse did. We spent months only not being polyamorous because I wasn’t comfortable with it, even when it made him feel trapped.
Roaring always said that I am the one person my grandmother truly loved. She is right.
As for Whatsername’s grandma, obviously there’s way too much synchronicity between us for her to be any different :3

Meow ♡
LMFAO FLOWER YOU ARE SO EXTRA. I was fine the whole time. I love you too, though >^_^<
Cuz if you think you’re not equally as powerful as Whatsername and I. Well do I have news for yous.
Our first step towards taking the kittens to a shelter and there were literally flowers everywhere. A building with the word “Liberty” on it that said, “Life is better with Flower.” A truck passes by, a bouquet on the side saying “I’m so sorry”. Hun I wasn’t that sad, with how well everything has been going I already had a good feeling. I love that you’re like me and you care hardcore. And thank you for all the help in killing Roaring’s S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. She has been saying for years that all these cats are killing her. She had to give out 7 cans of cat food this morning. They are costing us too much money and eating us out of house and home.
But you know me. You already know I’m not talking about harming them.
We took four of the kittens to the shelter today. They couldn’t take them but gave us the number to cops who can come to our house and pick them up. Remember what happened last time I called the cops on Roaring to save her life? Guess we’re repeating that whenever she’s feeling up for it and less stressed >^_^<
Course, she’s gotta have her drink and smokes on such a stressful day. Just in case there were any doubts about where we’ve been going, I snapped a pic:
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