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General Discussion » Some people can't tag properly » Topic Opener


I was looking at the posts and check on the tags they’re are inaccurate or insufficient, it’s not all posts though, but it’s a bit frustration to be that aren’t meant to be there.

Roleplaying » anyone up for some feline X furry NSFW role-play? » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » anyone up for some snake X furry role-play? » Topic Opener

General Discussion » Useless Facts Thread » Topic Opener

ᎶㄖҜㄩ 乃ㄥ卂匚Ҝ
Even Worse Kobold -
Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.
Derpy Fur - Prevented Furbooru's terrible fate in April of 2021.
Astra - Helped choose the name for our mascot - Astra.
Passing of the Eclipse - Joined within the first month of public opening and has had at least some activity as of August 3, 2020.
Artist -

Post some useless facts here. I’ll start.
-In Texas USA it is illegal to swear in front of a corpse.
-In the world of casino gambling, $50 bills are considered bad luck.
Let’s see how long this lasts…
Posted Report

Site and Policy » Lots of troll tags 5+ words long filled with ableism, racism, etc. (CW) » Topic Opener

Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.

Gay Red Wolf
I was trying to figure out what the namespace “parent” is and I saw all these troll tags. They all have 0 pictures associated but the tags should be destroyed. I don’t know if the mods know about these or not. This is a small selection. I’m sure one person made them all or they’re pending uploads from a new account.
(Also what is the parent tag namespace anyways?)
This is not all of them by any means…

General Discussion » Wolphoxarg Loona pictures » Topic Opener


Does any have all of WolphoxArg’s Loona pictures? I found out that they got deleted off of their Twitter account. If you do please reupload them onto this site or any other ones asap. Or if you know of anyone else who might have them. Please have them reupload them onto this or any other site(s)Thank you.
In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, here’s his Twitter account.
I do know what the pictures look like. One has Loona completely naked and having large muscles and boobs with her flexing both of her arms with her looking tired and the other one has her with large muscles and boobs and is pinning Moxxie to a wall with her boobs in his face. Ideally I want all of their deleted stuff reuploaded, but if all you have is his Loona pictures, that would be enough to make me happy.

General Discussion » Dancing Image Party » Topic Opener

General Discussion » anthropomorphic Male anatomy (Reptiles) {NSFW} » Topic Opener

Anonymous #A081
if male kobolds, dragonborns, and lizard folks, or any other species such as Avalis, or any other avians or reptiles that possess a genital slit or cloaca, what sensations would they feel when their penis starts to emerge from its slit or cloaca, like this:

how do they urinate, how sensitive would it be from manual stimulation(masturbation) or Sexual intercourse(sex), where are their testicles located within their abdominal/pelvic cavity:
, what would their penis look like when its exposed from base, Also, do sheaths work the same way when it comes to erections? and can you improve me with references images or links related to this topic.

Tagging Discussion » Misuse of vagina tag... Alias to vulva? » Topic Opener

Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.

Gay Red Wolf
People keep tagging vulvas as vagina when there’s no internal shot. I think these people might be under the impression that vagina means the labia and clitoris and it doesn’t. Vulva refers to all of that.

Tagging Discussion » “Vulpes” tag? Keep, delete, alias? » Topic Opener

Tag Lover - Good and Proficient Tagger

Feral aficionado
I have noticed the appearance of a new tag, vulpes, on some images. Now, I understand that the corresponding real-life genus encompasses only some, but not all, of the species included by our fox tag. Since somebody has already created this new, narrower tag, I propose that we fully embrace it. The first step then should be to make it a brown species tag, as it currently is green. Next, implications should be added to it, namely fox, canine, and mammal. Finally, all of the following currently existing tags should in turn imply “vulpes”:

General Discussion » Vending Machine game! » Topic Opener

Satu Putra
Artist -

I am wolf therian 🐺
This is inspired by a PokeFarm forum game. Have fun!


  1. Site rules apply.
  2. Don’t use this to trade OCs/adoptables/game items/currency/etc. It’s just a forum game.
  3. Sensitive/NSFW topics should be spoilered.


P1: I put in a black cat.
P2: You got a witch cat!
I put in all of my pokemon cards.
P3: You get all gigantamax pokemon cards!
I put in a crown and a necklace.
P4: You pull out alot of gold and diamonds and got rich!
I put in an Easter Egg.
P5: You get an albino bunny and a chick!
I put in some cupcakes.
And so on.


I put in some huskies.

General Discussion » Change 1 word in this sentence » Topic Opener

Satu Putra
Artist -

I am wolf therian 🐺
Inspired by a PokeFarm forum game. Have fun!


  • Site rules apply.
  • Words connected by the - symbol (like black-and-white) and compound words (like everyday and sunshine) count as one.
  • You may add/remove words on your turn, but you can’t change anything else if you do so.
  • You may only change punctuation if you change the connected words.
  • Have fun!

Example of how it works:

P1: Dogs eat apples.
P2: Do dogs eat apples?
P3: Do cats eat apples?
P4: Do cats eat chickens?
P5: Do cats eat melt-in-your-mouth chickens?

I’ll start!

Krystal went to a supermall.

Roleplaying » Seeking Female Character played for Fantasy world NSFW adventure messaging on FB » Topic Opener


I am looking to play a male furry (anthro) char. Probably a mink or mongoose warrior or a lapine (rabbit) mage.
I would love someone to play a female furry (including a bust) character. Let me know what species you would enjoy and what skills.
I have many plot ideas we can discuss.
Please send me a message if interested.

Roleplaying » Beach party RP (Keep it PG13 SFW) » Topic Opener

Beau Skunky

Chunky funky skunky
Skunky is throwing a beach party, and anyone and everyone is invited!
In this random RP, take a break from your epic adventures, relax, sunbathe on the beach, show off your bod’ in your skimpy swimsuit, (even if you’re ugly, skinny, or fat, we won’t judge… much j/k lol) go swimming, collect seashells, play volleyball, go surfing, search for riches with a metal detector, go fishing, build sandcastles, stage or enter a contest, or a hotdog eating competition, spark a romance, (Though, keep things somewhat tame, and SFW. A little spicyness is ok) do whatever you like, it’s a party!
Now to get prepared!
(An overweight, male, skunk wearing an ill-fitting orange tank top, sandles, and red swimtrunks with a stretched out yellow happy face on the rear wheels a barbeque kart up.)
Let’s see… Barbecue check… Balloons… Food… Snacks… A beach ball… Snacks… A stereo music player… Snacks… Towels… Food… Outhouses… Fishing equipment… Fireworks for the evening… Food… Snacks… Snacks… Spare swimsuits… Snacks… Snacks… Snacks… Aaaand… Snacks.
Hmmm… (Rubs his double-chin) I think I should get more food and snacks… (Orders more on cellphone.)
Oh, hello! (Addressing the next random poster.)
I didn’t see you there! Welcome to Skunky’s Beach Blast party! I’m still making preporations… And well… Nobody has shown up yet, but make yourself at home!

Site and Policy » Why can't we change/add descriptions? » Topic Opener


I am a liker for doing archives and stuff, and some people just, don’t add descriptions from the original sources and you can only add descriptions from your own post, i wanna know why is that

General Discussion » What GTA Game is your favorite? (Including Spin-offs and Ports) » Topic Opener


My favorite GTA Game has to be GTA 4 because of the ragdoll physics and car handling they did is a good job on it, the story and theme of the game takes itself mostly serious along with it’s grim, bleak atmosphere.

General Discussion » Make a sentence with the word above (Furbooru Edition) » Topic Opener

Satu Putra
Artist -

I am wolf therian 🐺
This is a word game shamelessly ripped off PokeFarm.
To play this game, you have to make a sentence with the word above like each letter of the chosen word that the user above you has pick you’ll turn into words.
Person 1:
You Or Umami Rory?
I pick the word: Yes
Person 2:
Your Eager Snake
I pick the word: Are
And so on
If the word has multiple words in 1 like everyday it can count as 1 word or multiple.
The first word will be:

Site and Policy » Is it possible to appeal a rejected merge request? » Topic Opener

Art Chat » Show Off Your Art! » Topic Opener

General Discussion » We need for FNAF Chica art! [NSFW] » Topic Opener


I Want More Chica!
We need MORE Chica and less roxanne wolf!
Chica is way too under-rated in my opinion and needs more sfw/nsfw artwork!

Roleplaying » 18+ rp anyone? » Topic Opener

General Discussion » What do you think about Non-furry in or outside of this site? » Topic Opener

General Discussion » Anyone knows a good site to publish AI (Furry) Artworks? » Topic Opener


This site: Apparently allows AI art, but anyone who enters to this site doesn’t have the expectation of finding AI Artworks. Don’t convince me because every artwork uploaded there must be approved to be displayed in search results. Don’t convince me cause the same reason than, and made me wait one week to be able to upload artworks there. Was a good option until the staff decided to assign an AI the labor of deciding which artwork is situable to display and which isn’t, and some other weird changes to the site. Just because Apple and Google banned its app from their app stores with the excuse of no allowing NSFW content. Is maybe the only highly known site which has no Anti Ai Art policies, but it’s not a place designed entirely for IA arts. Almost anything is possible to upload there, but its focus is the NSFW content, not AI Artworks.
Please, leave a comment to this topic, only if you have the intention of telling me…
  • A site mainly designed for exhibition of AI Artworks, which allows NSFW content, and it’s not any of the sites I mentioned.
  • Tips for making my own public booru.

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