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Meow :3
20 years, man. 20 years of depression. It’s still early and we’ll see if anything changes, but the past couple days, I’ve actually felt happy for no reason. I am loving this anti-depressant thus far :3
It’s honestly a big change, but it’s the perfect time for one. My partners leaving me puts me in position to just focus on self-improvement and healing without worry that altering my brain is gonna mess anything up. I’m digging the chill vibes of single life nyaow :3
And this is so it. This is how I can better deal with the people I’m trying to help, insofar as they all struggle with depression heavily and that ended up taking a toll on me. I’m proud of the important steps I’ve been taking

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Elly Catfox
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Basically he’s telling people I beat him up when in reality he was the one who came charging at me yelling at me he was gonna kill me. Well it’s more complicated than that but I’ll explain tomorrow or the day after. I’m exhausted and have to sleep now.

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Meow :3
Dude from Ghana added me on Discord yesterday, we had one mutual server. When I looked to see if he had any posts in the server, he had none. Goes on about how he hasn’t been able to find a job “since Covid” and it’s making him depressed. Ends up asking me for “financial help to invest in [his] farm”. When I told him I hope he rots in hell, he replied that I was “asking [too many questions] without helping” and of course, the sudden 180 to not needing anything from me x’D
Aw poor widdle baby, did I apply what I learned at the beginning of the year? Did my kitty claws poke holes in your fake, scripted story? Did you fall for the bait when I lied and said I’m going to Stanford, to make myself sound rich? So sad for him that lying is morally justified if you’re talking to a scammer. Womp womp!

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Meow :3
I’m disabled and therefore, unable to work a normal job. My disability is that I must take chemotherapy pills as close to every day as possible, being able to take breaks if I get sick or something. This leaves me immunocompromised. Sometimes, I have severe stomach cramping for around 20 hours. Sometimes, my legs cramp and I can barely walk. Sometimes, I sleep for around 20 hours. So you can see how working a normal job isn’t really possible for me.
What I do instead, is help people who are depressed and lonely. I do so mainly through Discord, but will use other platforms if I’m trying to help someone who prefers to be elsewhere. There’s also my mom - I help her by being someone she can talk to, really I’m the only person she has to talk to. I’m far from perfect and I’m no replacement for a therapist or anything, but I do my best :3
I also have an ambitious RPG I wanna make, work on which will resume once I’m doing better in terms of my own depression. I recently happened to meet a game dev and a few musicians in my search for communities so that I could feel less alone, so I guess my two jobs kinda came together, lol. So those are people who can potentially help once I reach a much further stage of development :3

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Meow :3
Sorry to hear you’re going through that. Stay strong. I know our friendship has only barely started but I’m here for you.
Far as having to take the cats to a shelter sometime soon goes, I can promise everyone I either won’t have a breakdown over it, or I’ll just keep myself off of here if I feel like there’s a chance of that. But all the stuff I’ve been doing to help get myself through depression has the added bonus of being helpful for this. I’m currently feeling well-equipped to handle it, especially thanx to the new anti-depressants I’m on. I’m supposed to take them for a couple weeks - it can be rough-going at first and then mellow out - and it hasn’t been two weeks yet. But, they’ve mostly just made me feel more emotionally numb, which has been extremely helpful. I like that I’m feeling chill most of the time and only crying a little here and there.
Once I finally get past that, summer’s around the corner, and that tends to be my best season. Good times should hopefully be just around the bend :3

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