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Since the old one didn't start off on the best foot and the site has evolved and grown since then.

Before you make a post in here, please look at this list of links of existing specialized tag threads first and see if any of them will better suit your tagging questions first.

Artist Aliases Request Thread For artist name changes.
Character Tag Categorization For characters, also preferred for Franchise (Yellow/Lilac) Tags
Rating Tags General If you have a rating question.
Species Listing All species and races (brown tags).
Basic implications and aliases Simple small things.
Shipping tags general For shipping tags.
Original Character (OC) Tag Categorization For OC tag descriptions.

If your tagging question/suggestion does not apply to any of the above threads, or you are unsure of where it belongs, and you also don't think it deserves its own thread, then you may ask it here.

An example of what NOT to ask here:
Pikachu should imply Pokemon and Nintendo and be colored brown.

An example of what TO ask here:
I think there should be a tag depicting characters with multiple tails, and different tags for different numbers of tails.

NSFW is allowed in here, just spoiler it if it's too graphic, but linking to and naming explicit tag names is generally okay regardless.

Link to the old general thread for posterity.
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