My Little Pony (Gen 5 and all the other ones)

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They only one i want to gatekeep is the brony fandom from the rest of the mlp fanbase
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At first I would be bummed out considering it’s gonna be a reboot (with EqG and future FiM-based films being cancelled), while at the same time I am interested. But since Emily Thompson has saved G4 from being forgotten by making G5 not only a reboot but a sequel to G4, I am excited for it.
But again, G4 will never be forgotten regardless of how people disliked post-S3 episodes.
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But again, G4 will never be forgotten regardless of how people disliked post-S3 episodes.
I never really got the people like that myself. I both liked and watched G4 all the way through to the very end and never skipped a single episode along the way.
But to each their own I guess.
I too am excited to see what G5 will bring, since it looks like it will employ a favorite fantasy trope of mine (where things that really happened in the past have become a new age’s legends and myths). I’m also hoping we’ll find out the ultimate fate of Twilight and the others, whether specifically or in a roundabout way.
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I felt the movie was pretty decent, maybe not state of the art but sure didn’t blow or anything
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