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Meow ♡
I love The Lion Guard. Sure, the writing is rough around the edges at first, as is the animation. But it’s still everything I wanted from a Lion King series since I was a kid. The Timon and Pumbaa series, while fun, completely threw any chance at sticking to Lion King canon out the window and, obviously, stuck to Timon and Pumbaa as the focus. While I love them, I always wanted a series that focused primarily on the lions.
I remember when I would think about what I would have liked better. They could have had the series still be Timon and Pumbaa, but it’s a slice of life showing events that happened while Simba was growing up with them in the jungle. They could have had a Lion King series be Simba and Nala as cubs before Simba ran away, maybe showing us more of Simba’s friends and thus, have episodes that focus on an animal of the week for educational value. TLG does that :3
And, while of course it’s a little awkward to have the series sandwiched between the first and second halves of The Lion King 2, it means I get to see more of my favourite group of Lion King characters: the outsiders! There’s just, something completely comforting about being able to spend a long time in the Lion King universe to me ♡ ♡
It also does kinda feel like Disney’s attempt to be MLP:FiM, and I love MLP:FiM too :3
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I have a few cats.
One of them threw up much less than he has been, indicating he’s getting over his stomach bug.
One of them ran outside last night, and I get worried when they’re out at night. He came back just fine.
One is a kitten I’ve been very worried about. She didn’t seem to be eating or drinking much. She ate a ton of kibble last night, and then canned food this morning.
I’m glad things are looking up for the kitties >^_^<

Meow ♡
20 years, man. 20 years of depression. It’s still early and we’ll see if anything changes, but the past couple days, I’ve actually felt happy for no reason. I am loving this anti-depressant thus far :3
It’s honestly a big change, but it’s the perfect time for one. My partners leaving me puts me in position to just focus on self-improvement and healing without worry that altering my brain is gonna mess anything up. I’m digging the chill vibes of single life nyaow :3
And this is so it. This is how I can better deal with the people I’m trying to help, insofar as they all struggle with depression heavily and that ended up taking a toll on me. I’m proud of the important steps I’ve been taking

Meow ♡
Yes it does. You do not want to combine depression with not enough eating if you can help it. I’ve become a big fan of Stouffer’s Ultimate Five Cheese Mac, a microwavable mac and cheese that’s like, kinda disgustingly cheesy lmao. It has a whopping 48% daily value of calcium, quite good for me, since I learned I had a calcium deficiency :3

Meow ♡
My tumor hasn’t bled in a long time. It’s scabbing over, and seems to be shrinking.
I’ve had a couple setbacks with my depression, but it feels like it has been fading overall. Suicidal ideation, PTSD, and an anxiety that was like being screamed at, are all fading as my brain experiences a calm it has not since childhood. And I still get to double my dose with my next bottle of pills.
Slowly but surely, I claw my way up as I change into the version of myself that I want to be. The Strong One. I can do this! 💪

Meow ♡
Such a good, productive day. I have quite possibly spent more time petting cats today than like, ever lmao. The benefit of having too many cats.
In my friend’s Discord Server, The Spectrum Club (for people on the neurodivergent spectrum and allies), a member talked about struggling to deal with friends not getting back to him, and feeling judged for liking a show. I was able to offer advice and support, succeeding yet again in my goal of helping people >^-^< I wanted to connect better with my character, Julie, so I went on Hero Forge to remake her. It’s been a long time and she could use updating. I told my best friend about how I don’t know if other artists connect with their characters, but I do, and she told me about how she had connected with this character she made in Runescape back in ye olden days, until hackers took over her account, which ultimately lead to her considering the character dead. Unfortunate, but awesome to know I’m not the only one who connects with my characters :3
I then headed out for a walk. Since I’m nearsighted and my glasses are broken, I’ll be walking in just my neighborhood for the time being. I think I could walk other places, as I don’t think I’m so impaired as to not be able to see crossing signals, but I’d rather not risk failing to see something in time or whatever. It it of utmost importance that I stay safe.
Walk was quite nice, regardless of it being in 240p. The cool breeze felt refreshing against the warm air. Listening to One by One, and then this mashup of Shadowland and King of Pride Rock that I found on YouTube, reminded me of the inspiration I draw from The Lion King for the RPG I’m working on, Dead Moon. One by One, I get better. One by One, I lay each pixel to draw my characters. It made me think about Nala’s journey away from the Pride Lands to find help. It made me think about Simba’s journey back to the Pride Lands to set things right. Palm trees were silhouetted against the sky as the sun was nearly done setting all the way. Also, as if I hadn’t petted enough cats already, I ran into two friendly cats while I was out :3
Feeling hopeful and inspired tonight, nya >^-^<

Meow ♡
Tonight’s walk saw gorgeous clouds silhouetted against an increasingly pink sky. Listening to a couple versions of my favourite song at the end as the sun was almost done setting gave an epic feeling that I’m struggling to find the right words for. Then, right outside my house, a UFO left a streak of light behind it as it cut through the clouds. Probably just a plane or a jet? I’m not sure, especially because I don’t have glasses, but I’ve sure never seen them leave a trail of light behind like that.
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