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I’m not staff, but I suspect that was a bad call given the text in Explicit about genital rubbing not excepting when there’s clothing between.
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Should images containing chunky period blood be tagged grotesque because it could be considered extreme filth? Grimdark/semi-grimdark because it’s blood, or just a normal questionable or explicit tag for genital fluids?
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It really depends on how graphically it gets I’d say, blood on itself isn’t enough to warrant grimdark/grotesque ratings, it’s more about how it is presented.
Excesses would lead to higher ratings, naturally.
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NSFW, this is more on Derpibooru more than Furbooru.
How is 2642300 on Derpibooru even close to being tagged as rape? Venus Spring may be crying, but those are tears of pleasure, not tears of rape. She’s even smiling and moaning in pleasure too so why should it be labeled as something that’s the complete opposite of what’s really happening?
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