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Warkitten the Ferocious
They look to be alright already, but the third one is definetly questionable, suggestive defines cameltoes as suggestive as long as they are not the focus of the image.
Anonymous #B704
So I return here asking again about vore images, but this time instead of Grimdark (which seems like it’s remained solved, yay), I’m noticing some real oddities with the sexual ratings, mainly it seems like Safe and Suggestive are mostly sorted out, but Questionable has stuff ranging the full gamut.
The following is my guess at what the breakdown between Safe, Suggestive, and Questionable should be. Which of these are correct?
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@Dr Outback
That would be safe, topic alone doesn’t warrant grimdark rating only if what is shown fully fulfills one of the grimdark rating criteria, cheers!
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