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Stupid idiotic autist
I found this image and it uses these existing useless tags. Here’s what the aliases of these tags this image uses could be:
Also, why is anthro art an invalid tag? It should ideally alias anthro, instead.
Edit: scalie shouldn’t alias reptile because there are non-reptiles with scales, such as moths, armadillos, pangolins, fishes, and echidnas.
Satu Putra
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Stupid idiotic autist
Some tag description suggestions:
Tag name: furby Link
Short Description: Furbies are small, fluffy, birdlike creatures with large feet and ears.
Long Description: Furbies are small, fluffy, birdlike creatures with large feet and ears, and the stars of the Furby toy line. Their central gimmick was that their speech would gradually transition from their native “Furbish” language into English the more that they were played with, giving the illusion that they were learning from their owner.
Example image:
Note: The short and long description are taken from the E621 wiki pages.
Tag name: draconic driftway shirt Link
Short Description: T-Shirt that Kosmolisk wears in Draconic Driftway by Jazzberry.
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I like tags
Tag implications do not need to be correct 100% of the time. Users can always remove implied tags when they are not needed. In huge majority of cases implying the tag “breasts” is the correct thing to do for those tags.
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