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Meow :3
Man, I wish learning I’m hypokalemic hadn’t come at so high a cost. It took me a long time to feel safe living in my own home again after the hack. I was thankfully given a small supply of Ativan to help me be able to sleep well again. What happened was that scary. I even thought I saw a person standing outside my bathroom, though it was hard to tell because my window is thankfully very thick and cloudy with the way the glass is. I was glad I had had it closed.
A couple things that helped me calm down. My mom said the people were there during the day, and they didn’t graffiti our house or anything, so maybe they didn’t really want to hurt me. And realizing if something happened at night, my cats would all come running into my room. That’s helped me sleep at night again.
And I don’t know which is worse. If the hacker is someone from here and somehow found out where I live, or if the hacker is local. I’ve never given out my address to anyone on here, so someone finding it is disturbing. Equally disturbing, the thought someone local could have decided to attack me for being a furry. I had this video pop up in my YouTube recommended for a good week or two beforehand: “The Furries that Want to Kill You”. I didn’t watch it, and after the hack, haven’t been able to find it.
It’s made me feel afraid to seek out friend groups online. Last year I had this Discord I was in with three other Lion King fans from years ago when we were on a now-defunct forum, and I thought I had re-connected with them and found a little group. Then it got deleted with no warning because it had been my friend and his two best friends and me being there was “awkward”. Then my friend blocked me a few weeks later. And now this happens with the little furry community I was invited to. But I’m still willing to give everyone here the benefit of the doubt and try again.
The hospital, too… It wasn’t a pleasant visit. They had me sign a consent form going in, but never told me for what. Then I, having PTSD, ended up getting manhandled, including by a cop. At one point they tried to lead me to a bathroom that had a little chair outside the door, and it culminated with me being held down by men. Sigh… I was doing better. I was getting out of my shell. I was less scared of people. I was dating people. And now I just don’t know anymore. Now I’ve been made to feel small and afraid like I was when something unfortunate happened to me in 2008.
I lost stuff, too. There was stuff on YouTube and Facebook that also scared me and seemed possibly related, so I deleted them. Thankfully, Facebook accounts exist for quite a while after trying to delete and are recoverable. But YouTube with the playlists I worked hard to build and all my subscriptions and everything… I don’t think I can get that back at this point.
I know I promised more positive posts on here. And there will be. This was just, so much and I kinda wanted to talk about it more. Thank you everyone here, for being so patient with me

Meow :3
Okay so, I’ve been finally feeling much more myself lately. And believe it or not, I’m an optimist. And maybe this is a little crazy but, I can kinda see futures and I think this put me on track for a much better one.
See, my mom and I weren’t talking as much or working together all that well until the hack. It changed that when I told her everything that had been going on with me. We still don’t have a perfect relationship because she’s never going to accept that I’m trans, but I’ve made a lot more peace with that. I’m glad things are a lot better between us in general now.
And I’m proud of myself for how well I faced my fears in the hospital. Truth be told, too, I don’t know that we would have found out I’m hypokalemic any other way. My mom got so weird and it’s part of what caused me to go to the hospital. I got really scared that people were stuck in this one guy’s Discord cult thingy and mom started acting like we were. I’ve realized she can get really weird, she’s got more mental health problems than me.
But everything resulted in a huge net good, and that’s what matters. I don’t feel scared to trust anymore like I did a few days ago. I feel really good now :3

Meow :3
I’ll be honest - I’m not doing well at all lately. I’m just kinda in survival mode until I get to therapy. And I don’t know when that will be. It’s part of a long list of appointments we need to make and go to.
The little things help a lot rn. There are doves nesting outside my house. A rainbow appeared near my best friend’s house and she sent me a couple pics. Mom is watching Peter Jackson’s King Kong and it makes me happy she’s enjoying one of my favourite movies <3
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Meow :3
Ufh I’m pretty chemosick tonight. Thankfully more nausea than pain, and I’ve just taken a nausea pill. It’s a tough fight, but I’m gonna keep fighting and keep winning
Edit: Oh there’s the pain. Oh goodie 🙃 I’ll take ibuprofen and see if I can’t just sleep through this awful night

Meow :3
Still in pain. The fight may be long sometimes, but I endure for all the people who need me. For the people to whom I matter
Edit: And now, the pain is mostly over. More ibuprofen and a high-calorie meal will set things right again. And if I can routinely overcome this, I hope it’ll serve as an inspiration to anyone reading this. You can overcome your struggles too. Be strong, be well, and be happy, friends >^ w ^<
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