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Poll results: Is baseball a fruit?

Why are you still reading these options?
20.51% 16 votes
20.51% 16 votes
No, but a tin can
17.95% 14 votes
16.67% 13 votes
What is love?
11.54% 9 votes
The Crusades were unjustified genocide
8.97% 7 votes
<<THat's what V2 is for.>>
3.85% 3 votes

Poll ends . 78 votes cast so far.

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💭 One time when I was in the ̶̷̶l̶̷̶o̶̷̶o̶̷̶n̶̷̶e̶̷̶y̶̷̶ ̶̷̶b̶̷̶i̶̷̶n̶̷̶ grippy sock jail, I bit and tore a big long strip off the end of my bed sheet and made a chainwhip ⛓️ or flail of sorts by tying the soap/shampoo bottles to the end of it. There was this serial groper guy in there and staff wouldn’t do anything about it and I was having absolutely none of it. 😤

Meow :3
I took a huge step today towards defeating all my thoughts of self loathing and learning to truly love myself. No more suicidal thoughts or depression, that’s my goal and I’m making moves to work on it. And I’m so proud of myself for doing that <3
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