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Poll results: Is baseball a fruit?

22.86% 16 votes
Why are you still reading these options?
20.00% 14 votes
No, but a tin can
17.14% 12 votes
15.71% 11 votes
What is love?
11.43% 8 votes
The Crusades were unjustified genocide
8.57% 6 votes
<<THat's what V2 is for.>>
4.29% 3 votes

Poll ends . 70 votes cast so far.

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@Goku Black
The best ones are a mindfuck. Horror/survival/acid trip. Don’t bother with a narrative-based single player game if it’s all cute or funny because you can have those experiences multi-player. But multi-player games don’t have true horror. They have fun spooky games, but real fear and psychological effects are much different than a ghost or monster that can pop out from somewhere.
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