Plushie cleaning

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Lily Fathom
I am actually curiuos as to who all does clean their bed fuzzies. I persionally make it a project every six months. The way I do it takes time.
Do you wash your plushies 
and repair them?
Typically I tear a seam and remove all the stuffing. After turning it inside out I fix any weakened seams or holes. After blanket stitching the tear I make I throw it in the laundry. After its clean I put new fiber fill in and stitch it shut.
I sleep with store purchased ones. I imagine this may not be easy with hand made custom ones. So, I am curious how every one else cleans theirs or if they do so this intensively.
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I sleep with my body pillow Timmy turner plush that Timmy has drool matting and my body pillow has period stains from pad leakage overnight, I never want to wash either of them because that would mean time away from them.
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