Last one to post wins!


Meow :3
Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost
It’s empty and cold without you here
Too many people to ache over
Trials in life, questions of us existing here
Don’t wanna die alone without you here
Please tell me what we have is real
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Bro I miss a lot of my Spore creations… Literally I was so good at creating stuff on there that I even created Nagas/Lamias etc QwQ
I lost them when my old laptop decided to eventually run its last limb… it went before I could transfer all my stuff onto my new build; it went just before my new build was up & running at the time… Same with a lot of memories, pictures, art, etc.

Meow :3
The game industry is reaping what it sews rn. Sony and Microsoft not having much coming out that loox promising as they lay off tons of people. Nintendo, meanwhile, keeps chugging along well. They gave people raises last year.
If you focus on profit over people, you will lose. If you use your profits to help people, you will win.
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I wonder if this thread has been forgotten already?
If it has, then I can just quietly slip in and make the last post, becoming the winner.
Kind of like how the rat in the Chinese Zodiac won the race by just piggybacking off the ox and then jumping across the finish line at the last minute.
Perhaps it’s no coincidence that’s my sign! Anyway, here’s a picture of a cute rat:
I hereby claim this thread for the glory of Ratopia!

Meow :3
I finally did it! I finally got 2 million in Classic Mode with my main! That’s another good thing that happened today and I feel so good >^_^<
But what’s that? Squirtle playing with Oshawott? Yeah that’s right, because it’s otter hours :3
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