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I had a dream that I had gotten the Pokémon Black and White Special Edition Box Set. I started watching it and after Ash battled Lenora( a black gym leader), Lenora said “Even though I’m a n**** I’m your best friend” the episode ended and did the To Be Continued thing. That line is what made it special edition. I woke myself up laughing.

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Sometimes the reverse image search yields nothing, lending to credibility. Then you join an anti-scammer group on Facebook, and someone posts a link to a face recognition image searcher, and that leads you to the Instagram account of someone who is obviously the actual person. You drop probably the most awkward DM of your life, letting them know what happened and that a scammer was using their photos. You question whether you should have let them know their photos are being used in such a gross way. It’s a very negative thing to tell someone when you’ve never said so much as “hi” before. But you can’t shake the feeling in your gut that it’s the right thing to do. So you do it. Then you finally start up the documentary about romance scammers you’ve had cued up to watch. People told the Instagram model that his photos were being used. People told the actress that her photos were being used. You have done the right thing.
Scammers may be grossly immoral, but I’m not >^-^<

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I know it’s hard to help my depression and suicidal ideation but I kinda feel like I have… a new perspective on it?? I’m going full research mode on romance scammers and it’s like, why am I even feeling so down about myself sometimes when these people exist? I’m over here hating myself when a scammer was seeing a woman in person for a couple months and then suddenly “had to go to Tel Aviv for work” and to make this a little more brief, flew her around and eventually gave her a certificate she had to keep track of that would “make it so he could bring a briefcase full of money into the UK without having to pay taxes” and had his “cousin” steal the certificate when she wasn’t looking. Which was now $10,000 to replace, money he will definitely pay her back mhm mhm /s
It’s like, dang, that’s on such a deep level of evil, I can barely process it. And anything I’ve ever done, any of my mistakes and my flaws… I feel like saying they pale in comparison is too much of an understatement. I feel more like any negative traits about me are a drop of water, compared to these two men who are an entire ocean of evil. This like, weirdly makes me love myself a lot more.

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@Dr. Ivo Robotnik
God I wish that was me and the woman whose pics were used. We came to agree that nothing can really be done about it. Scammer only used her pics in DMs, so I can’t get the account taken down for impersonation. And even if I could, it’s not like they’d be prevented from creating another account. And it’s not exactly illegal or anything to send someone pics that someone else publicly posted. Oh well, at least I’ll have Beekeeper to look forward to a while from now. And, at least awareness of this sort of thing is slowly but surely spreading. At least if scammers ever use my photos, people are learning that this sort of thing happens. I just feel bad for the people who fall for the scam. All photos I have publicly available and all selfies I sent are and were fully clothed. And all I lost was a little time. I feel bad for people who have sent more intimate photos and who have lost money :(
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