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Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.
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Loves a German
Seems like theres a bunch of specialized threads, this one is for chilling and talkimg about anything really. Im bored guys.
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Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.
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Demonic Doggo
Has anyone ever just hit that one perfect shot in an videogame, for example. Randomly throwing an combat axe in black ops 4 when you spawn in the air and seeing an bankshot medal appear, or accidentally firing an sniper and hitting someone, or in destiny 2 using an weighted throwing knife on accident and getting an clean kill, or in rainbow six siege hitting an head shot with an PMM pistol
Anonymous #3637
I wish I had someone who could take care of me… At least half the time. Guide me, help me clean up, be full of life and show me the way forward… just a stupid fantasy…
Anonymous #3637
I never understood the whole calling things that are weak, "gay" thing. Gay guys literally have twice the manpower in their lives. It's a testosterone festival. Somebody says, "bro that's gay" and I'm immediately thinking of a couple of big hunks that could tear them a new asshole. Worst case scenario and you've got a couple femboys who you know are still really fucking tough where it counts, if you know what I mean, and probably in more ways than one.

Compare that to the average straight dude stuck with women his whole life, getting towed around places he doesn't want to be, listening to things he doesn't want to listen to, making decisions for her like where to get dinner from because she tells him she doesn't care and wants him to pick, but then when he picks taco bell and chili's and burger king she suddenly says no and decides anyway. Yeah really manly and strong being straight okay surrrrre keep telling yourself that lmao.
Anonymous #3637
I live in a pocket of suspended animation known as the American Midwest, and never find people around here that like the same kind of music I do, but this one time a couple years ago, I think I was listening to some Netsky or other old Hospital Records artist and had my cans cranked up around my neck. I was doing some grocery shopping and had it so I could just barely hear it while I grabbed some produce, but this older woman next to me turned, smiled, and said, "Ah, some drum and bassss~" and I was just thinking like, "Welp, not everyday that happens lol."
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