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Fruitiest of PWN
Shadows and dark places seem to plague my mind space a lot. Other times, they are so unexplainably bizarre, that it’s hard to put into words, but it’s usually accompanied by bad, disturbing visions and vague sounds that trigger the run away response. Other than that, they tend to be good and adventurous.
Last night, I had an impression of being smothered by a black shadow that made weird guttural noises surrounded by dark shades of color in the background.
Night before that one, it was feeling overheated and seeing everything in thermal vision, like how those fancy cameras pick up heat signatures, except the heat waves kept fluctuating blue, orange, red and yellow in a sort of wave pattern.
A couple nights before that, I was swimming in a pool underwater and I kept coming up for air. I was holding a pool skimmer, one with a net, and a black, small snake-like leech-thing kept trying to cling to my inner thigh and crawl into a sensitive area, but I kept batting it away and kept trying to catch it with the net, but it kept swimming towards me and clinger to me every time I went underwater, all the while fast paced country music played, but I can’t recall what the song was. Unintelligible country song playing at two times the speed in the background.
Consuming something gross or running away seem to be very common in my dreams…
It is very common to have dreams where I have difficulty breathing and I then have to force my body to wake up to check up on myself, before going back to sleep with similar results.
Most nights nowadays are, however, I fall asleep for two to four and a half hours and wake up with no memory of any impressions or any sort of vision. Just a blink of black and I’m awake.
I rarely do lucidly dream, but if I start thinking I can, it will stop working and the nightmares will begin again…maybe they’re visions. When I do dream lucidly, however, it is quite pleasant and story-ridden. I don’t ever want to wake up from those ones.
Most of them I cannot recall…give or take.
Elly Catfox
Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.
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I do much like the dreams where we swear we’ve never seen something, but it’s real. We are learning more lately how to tell our memory apart from the illusion of non memory and as we do, I am more convinced of the times when we indeed had not seen something before the dream. That concept of the akashic records, though I meet it with skepticism and grounding in science… it does come to mind.
Have you ever seen the movie Cloud atlas? i havent, but i mean to soon… i have this vague dream of it beckoning to me, along the number 0451.

Meow ♡
Most recent dream I had that I remember, it was Thanksgiving. There was this nazi dining with us for some reason - a lotta stuff about him talking and I think YouTube? The middle’s kind of a blur. Then dream me had to use the bathroom, and he followed and nearly assaulted me. Then we went back to where the family was and he tried to stab me. I was able to fight him off both times and even got his knife from him. The family, which I don’t think was meant to represent mine or any other family I’ve dined with, was way too okay with him being there and trying to stab me.
I honestly felt pretty good when I woke up. It’s like the dream was telling me I’m now strong enough to fight off an attacker, and that I’m doing a good job combating bigotry in general >^-^<

Meow ♡
This was one hell of a dream… How to put it into words… Hmm…
I was in The Legend of Zelda game I often dream about. It’s the most similar to Ocarina of Time, but obviously isn’t quite like any Zelda game in particular. Hyrule Castle has very tall, white walls with vines on them, and it’s kinda like I’m both playing the game and I’m able to enter it and replace Link with myself when I’m in it. I talked about how there’s “always a Castlevania section in each Zelda game”, which isn’t true of the Zelda games that exist irl, but is true of the Zelda game in my dreamspace. It’s a callback to prior dreams I’ve had about this game, which had a very dark and creepy Castlevania dungeon. Trevor Belmont flashed before my eyes when I said that.
But I wasn’t in a dungeon. I was on an island that kinda shifted into a desert? And I was piecing together this, like, fort, made of what can best be described as giant Lego pieces. Some where sand and some were ice, though the ice held and didn’t melt. I didn’t think I’d actually finishing piecing the fort together, but I did. It was really cool when built :3
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Meow ♡
“also, way to die #786 according to the dream i just woke up from: be outside in the neighborhood after a zoo shipment crashed and released tigers and a polar bear that ended up roaming the streets.. i was running home and holding the front door shut for most of that dream
[10:51 AM]
lol it was literally like fnaf 4 i jus realized
𓆩♡𓆪 ʂէҽҽղ 𓆩♡𓆪 — Today at 10:52 AM
doors that have to be held shut and not just .. normally. shut and locked
[10:53 AM]
looks like it’s time for zoo animal dReAm tHeoRy
[10:55 AM]
Loose Zoo Animal Survival Simulator aka LZASS has lots of secret confusing hidden lore and the community just can’t agree on what the facts are (edited)”
~ Christine
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