Any other Asian and other Eastern Furries here?

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Dear y'all.

I felt like there's a lot of western fans here, but lacking, eastern fans, I know a few, but still, very lacking.

But here in Reddit.

Since I am an Asian… Just asking, I shall remain anonymous as well…


- Furrycon in Taiwan. Well, but why aren't they are here yet??
Also called Infurnity.

- Thaitails Also Twitter.

- Kemocon. (Japan)

- Furs Upon Malaysia.

- Furmusement (S. Korea)

- FurryPinas. (Philipines)

- Furscience's 2016 info about races : 83–90% of furries self-identify as White, with small minorities of furries self-identifying as Asian (2–4%), Black (2–3%), and Hispanic (3%). I hope things gets better 4 years later… Wiki
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One of my great grandmothers was from Heilongjiang and another was from Mongolia (she used to tell us about the "White Stag" every night before bed. I don't feel particularly asian, but my eyes have an epicanthic fold, so contacts are a real fun experience. Somehow though people where I live assume that I'm part Ojibwe or Anishinaabe.

The most asian thing in my own life is that I was a salaryman in Tokyo for several years, first in Gotanda then in Shinjuku (yes, the commute is really just as bad as people say).

Despite the crowds, and sometimes because of them, living in Tokyo is an amazing experience. Supper for $5 at the train station, all the manga you can read for free the day after the weeklies come out, and $100 oranges — each. It's an amazing town.
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