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Viw's Art

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I love Thanksgiving Holiday in the US. Espicially the food and meals. I am thankful for the Student Six Characters from MLP FIM cause I love them so so much ever since they were introduced to the show (Silverstream is my favorite character).
Sorry if the colours look odd. I drew some of this outside (with my laptop)
safe62282 artist:rainbow eevee519 gallus (mlp)115 ocellus (mlp)43 sandbar (mlp)72 silverstream (mlp)78 smolder (mlp)130 yona (mlp)53 arthropod2352 bird7394 changedling80 changeling873 dragon8382 equine23432 feline16719 fictional species59485 gryphon2872 hippogriff179 mammal96252 pony19872 yak55 feral34737 friendship is magic19055 hasbro22578 my little pony22276 202115743 autumn128 beige fur16 blue body4008 blue eyes8519 dragoness1959 female80685 food3664 fork61 giant food1 green body917 green eyes7137 group6497 hair32409 high res3785 holiday1826 jewelry3877 monkey swings3 multicolored hair1338 necklace1732 open mouth22263 open smile2003 orange body3078 pie91 pink body1485 purple eyes2621 smiling20533 spoon70 student six (mlp)14 table611 teal body72 teal eyes778 thanksgiving23 tongue17493 tongue out11116 two toned hair676 young six (mlp)1


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