What was the reason for changing the content rating system?


Derpibooru had Safe, Suggestive, Questionable, Explicit  
Safe was normal safe stuff  
Suggestive was saucy stuff  
Questionable was topless stuff/borderline explicit stuff  
and Explicit was sexy stuff/nudity/fully explicit stuff
Now here on Furbooru we have  
Safe being safe  
Suggestive being topless  
Questionable being full on nudity/sexy stuff  
and Explicit being fully explicit stuff
What was the point?
Even Worse Kobold -
Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.
Derpy Fur - Prevented Furbooru's terrible fate in April of 2021.
Seedling - Gave the site life with many uploads during its first months
Tag Lover - Good and Proficient Tagger
Astra - Helped choose the name for our mascot - Astra.
Passing of the Eclipse - Joined within the first month of public opening and has had at least some activity as of August 3, 2020.
Magical Inkwell - Wrote a fanfiction consisting of at least around 2.2k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice
Silver Piece - Silver Supporter on Patreon
Since the Beginning - Registered before the site was public

Public Relations
Luna's Pet Woof
The target audience is different from the sites.
Derpibooru is tied up to the children’s show MLP therefore it is understandable a good portion of the audience is still going to be underaged.
Furbooru however is a multi-fandom site with focus on the furry community and from that we can assume the main audience to be older therefore the ratings were adapted to this reality.
It is also worth noting that despite the two sites sharing part of their staff they are still treated independently from one another hence have their own policy.
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