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is it necessary to add real-life existing species implications to Pokemon? Dachsbun is not really a canis familiaris.
Suppose this also applies to species to class (e.g mammal). It should be done something manual given it’s completely separated from ours.
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As I recall, the decision made was that top level IRL things (mammal, reptile, etc) could be implications, but nothing more specific than that. It’s been pretty inconsistently applied, but Ponyta, Rapidash, and Eevee all imply mammal currently.
Whether or not a dog made of bread counts as a mammal is an interesting question, but Dachsbun does have fur, and is implied to only look like it’s made of bread.
EDIT: Post in question confirming the implication policy is here: https://furbooru.org/forums/tagging/topics/species-listing?post_id=8002#post_8002
Unless that decision was revised between then and now, it should still stand, right?
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