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The 1% - Hit 1% of Uploads Milestone for a year
Even Worse Kobold -
Master Lifter - Uploaded over 20k art pieces
Tag Lover - Good and Proficient Tagger
Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.
Dedicated Lifter  - Uploaded over 5k art pieces
Heavy Lifter - Uploaded over 1k art pieces
Seedling - Gave the site life with many uploads during its first months

Espeon Kittycat
floramon,morphomon,syakomon,dorurumon,meicoomon,meicrackmon,gargomon,bearmon,palmon,cutemon,marine angemon,terriermon x,digimon x,tentomon,armadillomon,kapurimon-> Digimon, fictional species and w/e tags
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