Basic implications and aliases

The 1% - Hit 1% of Uploads Milestone for a year
Derpy Fur - Prevented Furbooru's terrible fate in April of 2021.
Dedicated Lifter  - Uploaded over 5k art pieces
Seedling - Gave the site life with many uploads during its first months
Heavy Lifter -
Astra - Helped choose the name for our mascot - Astra.
Passing of the Eclipse - Joined within the first month of public opening and has had at least some activity as of August 3, 2020.
Tag Lover - Good and Proficient Tagger
Since the Beginning - Registered before the site was public
Artist -

I like tags
licking lipstongue out, tongue

and should prob be for all the other "licking*" tags as well

Yup, added to all the ones that were larger than 1 image.


tailsko, tailsko (sonic) > miles tails prower (sonic)

Edit: Tailsko is r63 of Tails (Sonic)

This tag doesn not exist on Furbooru so we can keep it this way for now. I have no idea if this name is popular enough to warrant aliasing right now.

@Radomila Radon
Please Alias:
flower pot, plant pot => potted plant
It's not the same thing. I made it imply "plant" and "flower pot".

Most of everything else is done, but not everything. I am not sure about:

adorkabledork, cute

just like on DB

edit: this implying

happy sex is currently an alias of sex. It should imply it instead.

@Radomila Radon
not spyro, not twilight sparkle, not bowser, prisoner rd this done => invalid tag
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