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I am wolf therian 🐺
double amputee -> amputee
office sex -> office, sex (again, I’m not sure if it’s applicable) (NSFW warning)
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@Satu Putra
On the subject of My Little Pony generational divides, the tags currently set up are pretty inconsistent.
  1. There should be a consistent style between my little pony (g*) or my little pony g*
  2. Why is the tag that covers all of G4 called friendship is magic? FiM is a subset of G4 like Equestria Girls and Pony Life; It should be tagged my little pony (g4) / my little pony g4, and friendship is magic should be used for relevant material.
  3. Also, why is g5 aliased into my little pony g5? I assumed the reason the pony generation tags are specific instead of just g* is because this isn’t a MLP-specific site and MLP isn’t the only franchise with generations. But if it’s going to be aliased into the MLP variant anyway, might as well make g5 the base of the alias for a cleaner look.
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Mawplay should neither imply vore nor oral vore. Implications should only be added if one tag absolutely, logically implies another. In the case of mawplay, the description actually does say “Often a precursor to vore”, where “often” should be understood as “not always”. Therefore, both implications should be removed.
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