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I am wolf therian 🐺
MSM-themed tags alias and imply suggestions
psyclaunt should imply my singing monsters, ghost, fictional species, cat, feline, professor toot, and the aliases of this tag should be plankton ghazt, plankton ghost cat, sophia (my singing monsters ideas), psyclaunt (my singing monsters ideas), and oc:sophia (professor toot).
molterhoo should alias cheese woman, cheese girl, cheese man, old molterhoo, new molterhoo, molterhoo (my singing monsters ideas), cheese erhu, and should imply my singing monsters, fictional species, and slime.
Anonymous #6EF9
@Garka la Garka
i feel like i am against this alias and rather do vice versa. Vtuber is relatively more formal, being referred in sites like wikipedia and really good word to get noticed especially in search results to get furbooru links, meanwhile virtual youtuber is really vague to casual user yet really unpopular. That’s just my two cents.
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