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Poll results: Is baseball a fruit?

27.45% 14 votes
No, but a tin can
15.69% 8 votes
Why are you still reading these options?
15.69% 8 votes
13.73% 7 votes
What is love?
11.76% 6 votes
The Crusades were unjustified genocide
11.76% 6 votes
<<THat's what V2 is for.>>
3.92% 2 votes

Poll ends . 51 votes cast so far.

Anonymous #F714
Fuck you Texas, and fuck your Lone Star beer. Fuck that fucking Alamo, and fuck them longhorn steers. Fuck every Dallas cowboy that ever drew a breath. Fuck you Texas, and fuck you plum to death.
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Loves a German
@Anonymous #F714
Calm down buddy, we texans pride ourselves in our existance. Our state has the second highest GDP in the nation, and a higher GDP than Great Britain plus a few other contries combined. We export, refine, and otherwise harvest the most oil, lumber, and a few other things in the entire US. We also have more guns than the army*
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