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I was scrolling through YouTube while being way too tired, and my brain thought that the blue flaps in this thumbnail were Glaceon’s ears. Why am I like this? .–.
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This is a normal bias that we as humans have when we are obsessed, dedicated to, or passionate about something. We subconsciously look for it everywhere. Sometimes it can be a coping mechanism or something that helps us hone in on every chance we can get for the things we want (or want to avoid.)
It can also happen if we run into things we encounter that we don’t understand. The brain can fill in the gaps for a bit until enough information is acquired.
The tiredness aspect can make it more likely to occur as well, though you already knew that.
It’s totally normal. If it disturbs you, however, please jot it down somewhere in your phone or a notebook and consider talking about it with a therapist or trusted friend.
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Meow ♡
@Dr. Ivo Robotnik
I’ve never played Uranium, should definitely give it a try someday
I like how Glaceon is kinda broken in Pokemon Brown. It learns Surf and like, some other pretty good special move too that isn’t normally part of its movepool.
I’m currently using Vaporeon in Dark Violet and it’s doing very well for itself thus far :3
I used to love using Flareon in vanilla Fire Red, it’s actually quite good if you invest in the Flamethrower and Shadow Ball TMs, with Shadow Ball running off of Flareon’s superior Attack stat in gen 3.
Jolteon is my second-most-used after Umbreon, and probably the mon I’ve used the most in terms of filling the “speedster” role I always go for on my teams. Its base 130 Speed has come in clutch so many times, and it was a member of the first team I beat Renegade Platinum with.
Sylveon I’ve used a few times, including on my first-ever Y team.
Leafeon it’s been way too long since I’ve used it.
Espeon is my second-favourite Eeveelution and I was using it in a Sacred Gold playthrough I never finished. Def gotta use it again sometime - it outspeeds Whitney’s Miltank and gets Calm Mind in time for the fight, resulting in an easy sweep.
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Meow ♡
A song so majestic, so profound, it touches down to the depths of my soul. I am truly seen. I am truly understood.
I also woke up today thinking about the time a random woman channeled me and became a meme sensation. Her real name isn’t Debbie.
And then a song was born, nya :3
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