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Viw's Art

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[Waifu of the Month] — Torque Wallpaper
I drew up some Tactical Snake Boobers because my Patreonerds demanded more sexy Canadian munching reptile ladies.
And honestly I'm perfectly fine with that. I mean, maybe not the Canadian-munching part. That's a whole different part of the fandom we're not talking about right now.
safe51495 artist:yawg67 torque (x-com)29 fictional species45341 mammal74775 procyonid648 raccoon630 reptile6484 snake1253 viper (x-com)67 naga248 x-com76 20215968 antennae725 armor1031 city325 colored sclera2698 female59268 green eyes6076 gun791 long tongue233 outdoors3569 snek23 solo56637 solo female34744 tongue12276 tongue out8799 weapon2412 yellow sclera864


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