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Rivet the Lombax

Since Rachet & Clank Rift apart is one day til release, here's the first winner of my Patreon poll, Rivet the Lombax!
There's also a semi-naked version of the piece, only accessible on my Patreon Platinum Tier.
Starting now, there will be 1-2 polls every month on my patreon, which is a roster of my favorite girls I like to draw. I'll also ask for recommendations from time to time.
suggestive11925 artist:pakwan00814 rivet (r&c)225 fictional species45341 lombax257 mammal74775 anthro56730 ratchet & clank265 20215968 bedroom eyes3418 big breasts7939 blue eyes7260 blue pupils50 bra1562 breasts26424 cleavage2839 clothes32161 colored pupils749 dialogue5062 ear piercing3264 earring1828 ears7648 eyebrows3808 eyelashes8119 female59268 hair20809 legwear4430 lingerie564 looking at you18110 panties3458 piercing4380 pink nose854 prosthetic arm194 prosthetics253 smiling15731 smiling at you1873 solo56637 solo female34744 speech bubble3299 tail39280 talking6269 thigh highs1870 thighs7220 underwear4959 weapon2412


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