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Amity by me

You know why i usually sad…..
Because of the bully and thief Annisa,i just hate my life

My heart really broken….
safe55588 artist:徐詩珮253 oc38910 oc only25462 oc:hsu amity229 alicorn2685 equine20993 fictional species49867 mammal81614 pony17825 feral31941 hasbro20254 my little pony19965 crying692 female65791 glasses3757 gradient wings20 mare7802 sad483 sign230 solo62651 solo female40712 text6307 watch104


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Anonymous #8069
@Amity (徐詩珮)
And why are you make whinning and sad for this drama huh and you need to act now if you do this all time you make a lot of emenies in every DA,Furbooru dan Derpibooru