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Viw's Art

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tipsy tanuki
#furry #bna #MichiruKagemori #anthro #raccoon #tanuki #furryart #Furryartist https://t.co/9ls6HLaLP7
safe45533 artist:jesterwing4 michiru kagemori (bna)159 canine19412 mammal66086 raccoon dog359 anthro50062 bna: brand new animal233 20207988 bare shoulders3 black lips17 black nose3088 blue hair1786 blushing9935 body markings843 bra straps8 breasts22797 brown body3799 brown fur4543 cleavage2444 clothes28988 cute4474 cute little fangs285 drunk148 drunk bubbles7 eyes closed5693 facial markings197 fangs4231 female52204 freckles820 fur24935 hair17752 happy1361 head marking39 jacket956 lipstick299 makeup1190 mask (facial marking)137 off shoulder40 sharp teeth5804 shoulder freckles46 simple background19388 smiling14470 solo50556 solo female31220 teeth9102 topwear8615 white background7481


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