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Commission for Builzelfan14 on patreon of a couple of a couple of characters from Taiko no Taitsujin! Thanks for commissioning me!

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suggestive9608 artist:cooliehigh145 canine17975 dog5797 mammal62085 shiba inu80 anthro46635 namco21 taiko no tatsujin3 20213404 areola7680 belly button6735 big breasts5652 black body2143 black eyes873 black fur2389 black nose2503 breasts20781 cream body1082 cream fur997 detailed background884 duo14163 duo female2289 female48562 females only1878 fluff12821 fur22928 headwear90 inu wada (taiko no tatsujin)1 john wada (taiko no tatsujin)1 looking at you14933 nipples12872 no pupils379 nudity26010 rule 63725 shoulder fluff1247 sitting4957 tail33531 tan body1638 tan fur2006 thick thighs1815 thighs4609 tongue9861 tongue out7413


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