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Gyro Bird in full VR Chat Avatar form~

Base Model is Gryff by Meelo
Modifications done by me.
(Head shape, beak shape, extended wings, textures, extra chest fluff, both front and back crests, 3 additional tail feathers.)
safe42953 artist:gyrotech867 artist:meelo2 oc30777 oc:gyro feather1151 oc:gyro feather (gryphon)1058 bird5311 feline11013 fictional species38977 galliform1372 gryphon2384 mammal62199 peacock gryphon974 peafowl1145 feral26719 vrchat8 3d937 avatar39 beak2454 bird feet1540 blue body2187 blue feathers1149 blue fur3645 claws6871 feathered wings4216 feathers5783 fur22967 male29559 model24 purple feathers155 tail33587 tail tuft1156 turnaround17 wings9384


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