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People were asking me to do a r63 of Spyro with the announcement of the remaster so here ya go. Enjoy.
suggestive9636 artist:suirano73 spyro the dragon (spyro)238 dragon5677 fictional species38981 anthro46750 series:what's a childhood?43 spyro the dragon (series)450 20181951 absolute cleavage161 areola7696 blushing9316 breast expansion176 breasts20835 cleavage2104 clothes27170 dragoness988 exclamation point277 eyelashes5498 female48674 gem156 gloves2531 horns3629 huge breasts2329 long gloves618 magic959 multicolored body309 nipples12903 nudity26061 purple body923 rule 63729 scales1586 solo47791 solo female29425 webbed wings1734 wide eyes299 wings9384 yellow body1825 yellow scales151


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