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Viw's Art

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Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday! 🌻🌿♥️
I've been inactive for a while because I wasn't able to paint (my computer only worked limited). I had to order new hardware first, which took weeks. Subsequently, I took a social media break. Now I'm happily back!
safe42873 artist:fluttiart1 canine17974 fox6250 mammal62083 20213404 ambiguous gender6066 antlers805 black nose2503 blue eyes6185 cheek fluff3501 digital art9413 digital painting276 fangs3993 feather248 fluff12820 front view3039 fur22926 looking up707 open mouth13346 orange body1970 orange fur2345 sharp teeth5501 signature8369 solo47701 solo ambiguous1246 teeth8598 three-quarter view2164 tongue9860 whiskers1293 white body4922 white fur6066


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